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The American Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery 2014 is Now Open for Application

The American diversity visa lottery 2014 has been launched (dv-2014)
We are to announce that the period for entry submission for DV-2014 is from 12:00PM EDT (GMT -4) on October 2, 2012 to 12:00PM EDT (GMT -4) on November 3, 2012. Please pay attention that the entry form will be available for submission only within this period. Submitting at any other time is not possible. Please be aware that entries CANNOT be received through the US Postal Service. Though results will be published on May 2013, we recommend that DV-2014 entrants keep their own confirmation numbers, as it may happen that more entries will be selected on October 1, 2013 at noon (EDT).

Main website: USGCLS – Green Card Lottery Service.


  • To apply for the American visa lottery is free of charge
  • Read instructions carefully
  • Early applications are highly recommended

How do you think the US benefit from such programs? Pure generosity or not?

What Is the American Diversity Visa: General Information

It is also widely known as the Diversity Immigration Visa program or Green Card Lottery. The main idea of the DV lottery is to provide permanent resident visas to citizens of different countries of the world. However, here is one of the main conditions: only the citizens from the so-called eligible countries can participate (that is from those where the rate of immigrants to the United States proves to be the lowest).

Besides, the country of a participant’s origin can serve as a considerably influential factor when the winner is being chosen. So, countries of Asia have very small quotas, with China, India and Pakistan excluded from the list. On the contrary, if the number of current US residents from some country is comparatively small, the citizen of this country has higher chances to receive the visa.

Annually, the United States of America offers 50,000 visas (in the beginning of its history the lottery raffled off 55,000 visas) to the random lottery participants from all over the world. The program aims to diversify the population of non-native Americans.

Is There Anything to Beware Of?

The fact is that any person (provided that the country of his or her origin is considered eligible) can take part in the program for free. However, the US Department of State warns the entrants about possible frauds on the part of various companies and online businesses that can charge a fee for completing the special form for the participant. Besides, some of them can send e-mail messages not only to the applicants, but also to people who did not apply, asking to pay the so-called visa processing fee. The US government appeal not to trust such kind of correspondence and check the information in the official sources.

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