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Get a 500 dollars/per year scholarship to Sponsor your education in Africa (women only)

Working to Advance African Women (WAAW)

About WAAW
WAAW Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on Working to Advance African Women and is based in the US. The mission of WAAW to increase the number of African women in such fields as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (or STEM), as well as to ensure that their talents and skills are engaged in developments and innovation of Africa.
African female students who reside in Africa, not more than 40 years, and who have received undergraduate admission to any educational establishment of higher learning in Africa and studying a course in STEM related fields. This candidate must prove the need for financial aid and high academic record. Please pay attention that special consideration will be given to orphans, underprivileged students, female students impacted by HIV as well as students in their first/second year of study.

How to Apply
Please enter the WAAW foundation web site and fill in the online application form. Make sure you carefully follow all the instructions.

Note: Do not upload your transcripts and recommendation letters, if necessary the committee will contact you for that. All you need to do is to fill the form in one sitting and write a motivational essay.


Applications open August 1, 2012, and are due on or before Midnight (CST) on 30 October, 2012. Note that the systems will no longer accept applications after the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Awards will be announced by January of 2013.
WAAW foundation announces its 2012 scholarships and offers $500/year for need-based female African students admitted to an African University or College or Institute of higher learning.
Scholarship recipients are allowed to reapply for renewal the following year, with formal evidence of continued high academic performance.

WAAW Foundation Principles and Guarantees

Dr. Unoma Okorafor, the creator of WAAW Foundation, can now see the fruit of her struggle and work that she has been carrying out since 2007. She obtained her master and doctoral degrees in two universities of Texas, U.S.A, and today her organization is incorporated under the Law of Texas. Striving to provide African women with opportunities to study, work and contribute to Africa’s prosperity, the WAAW foundation has set the following principles:

  • Africa should be built by decently educated Africans;
  • locally available resources should be employed in order to support people;
  • positive chain reaction: people empowered by education can teach and empower others;
  • train African woman not only in education, but also in leadership and entrepreneurship;
  • financial transparency within and outside the Foundation;
  • the grass roots management principle;
  • building strong, experienced and influential community;
  • sustainable engagement with wide network and reliable programs.

More Activities and Possibilities

Also, WAAW Foundation provides its entrants and volunteers with such options as:

  • STEM Summer Camp for secondary girls to engage them into STEM-based disciplines;
  • STEM Cell College that is founded as a bridge between girls’ secondary school and college education opportunities;
  • Fellows Training Programs imply the opportunity of training for outreach university fellows;
  • Code Girl Workshop is organized for girls at the age of 11-17 to teach them computer science and programming skills.

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