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Quota Scheme Norwegian Government Scholarship

The Norwegian government announces scholarships for students who come from developing countries as well as countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, through the so-called Quota Scheme.

The objective of this scheme is to support the internationalization of higher education. These days, the program guarantees full scholarships for 1.100 students, of which 800 come from developing countries and 300 from countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Annually universities and university colleges in Norway admit a certain number of foreign students. The courses that the scheme includes are taught in English at Masters and Ph.D. level, along with certain professional degrees as well.
The deadline for applications for the Quota scheme is normally December 1st every year. Please pay attention that certain courses and educational programs have other deadlines, so check the due dates carefully.

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Scholarship Inclusions and Features

Below you can find out some useful information on what the Quota Scheme Scholarship involves.

  • Foreign students would receive the same sum of money as native students who do the respective educational programs.
  • In case a foreign student stays in Norway or goes to another and not their native country after the course is finished, they have to repay the loan provided (that is 60% of the total scholarship).
  • As a rule, foreign students from institutions that agreements on collaboration with Norwegian universities and colleges only can enroll.
  • At the same time the so-called free movers (these are individual applicants) still can be admitted to some particular courses.
  • The courses are taught in the English language, so the applicant must prove his or her English proficiency level. Language requirements differ between programs and institutions, so make sure you are aware of them when you apply.

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