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International Postgraduate Scholarships UK – £10,000

For more than 100 years the University of Birmingham has been widely known to be one of the world’s leading centers of prime-quality teaching and research. The University attract international students of the highest caliber, true enthusiasts who know what they want from life.

The program is available for applicants who come from non-EU countries. The program provides post-graduate level of study.

Scholarship Value

Full time program offers 18 International Postgraduate Scholarship awards, worth £10,000. It covers the cost of one year Master’s studies (taught or research). The award is intended only for tuition fees. Living costs are not covered.

Eligibility Requirements

  • An applicant must obtain at least a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent and have excellent academic results.
  • An applicant must prove excellence in any area of life: this includes everything from impressive academic achievements to various talents (for example, in arts, sports, managing societies) and significant experience and attainments in working life, volunteering or serving others.
  • An applicant must highlight the contribution they plan to make towards the University of Birmingham and the benefits they expect to gain from their study.
  • An applicant must have received an official award to study on a 1-year Master’s program at the University of Birmingham.
  • An applicant’s being overseas must have fee purposes.
  • An applicant must understand that he or she is a full-time on-campus student (distance learning is not provided).
  • An applicant must have a valid student ID number.
  • An applicant cannot participate in any other full-fee scholarship program.
  • An applicant must have enough financial support, including visa/travel expenses associated, to study.
  • An applicant must be able to cover any tuition fee not included into the scholarship.

Please consider that before submitting an application for scholarship, you must make an application to study at the University of Birmingham. Your deadline is Friday May 31st, 2013.

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