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Czech Government Scholarships for Developing Countries

Nowadays, the Czech Republic offers scholarship programs for international students within the framework of the country’s Foreign Development Assistance. The scholarship campaign aims to provide students from developing countries with high-quality teaching at Czech higher education institutions.

Applicants from all developing countries are welcomed to participate. You can choose from:

  • Bachelor’s degree program
  • Master’s degree program
  • follow-up Master’s study program
  • Doctoral degree program
  • Doctoral study programs

All programs include a 1-year preparatory course of the basic Czech language.

Study Areas Available in English

  1. Economics:
  • follow-up Master’s study program Economics;
  • Doctoral study program (major – Economic Theories);
  1. Information Science:
  • follow-up Master’s study program (major –Information Science);
  • follow-up Master’s study program (major – Information Management);
  1. Agriculture:
  • follow-up Master’s study program (major – Natural Resources and Environment);
  • follow-up Master’s study program (major – Forestry, Water and Landscape Management);
  • follow-up Master’s study program (major – Technology and Environmental Engineering);
  • Doctoral study program Chemistry (major – Agriculture Chemistry).

Please take into your consideration that scholarship applications must be filled out on-line.


  • You cannot participate in the Government Scholarship program if you have received status of permanent resident of the Czech Republic.
  • Scholarships are awarded to students who come from the developing countries have filed their applications with the National UNESCO Commission. Please look here and under the heading “Communities” to find contact information on local offices. (The application form should be printed).
  • The inquiries concerning applicants’ eligibility and the scholarship closing date are advised to be addressed to the Czech Embassy in your home country.

Scholarship Value

Learn more about what the Czech Government Scholarship covers:

  • mostly, the award includes expenses related both to studying and living in the country (plus accommodation costs);
  • the monthly sum paid to foreign students who are completing a Bachelor’s, Master’s follow-up or Master’s program stands at CZK 14.000;
  • students who are completing a Doctoral study program receive CZK 15.000 a month;
  • expenses for food and public transport can be covered by awardees from the scholarship under the conditions that are set for native Czech students;
  • if student’s expenses for health may exceed the provided care, the scholarship will not cover them, so please be aware.

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