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The MASTERCARD Foundation scholarship for economically disadvantaged young people in Africa


#introducing-the-mastercard-foundation-scholars-program   (VIDEO)

The vision of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is to educate and develop academically qualified yet economically disadvantaged young people in Africa who will contribute to the transformation of the continent. This program will provide students in secondary school and university with the knowledge and leadership skills needed to contribute to economic and social progress across Africa.

Country of origin: Africa.

Scholarship value: $500 million open to African students.

Levels of study: secondary and university levels.

Programs: The Foundation is creating a network of partners who share this vision. They were selected for their commitment to academic excellence, nurturing environments, and programs relevant to growth sectors in Africa, such as manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, and agriculture.


Partner universities working with the MasterCard foundation scholars program are;

Michigan State University

African Leadership Academy

American University of Beirut-Faculty  of Health Sciences

Duke University

University of California, Berkeley

Ashesi University

Arizona State University

Earth University

Stanford University

Wellesley College


Interested applicants can visit the website below for further information.

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