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Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship – Indonesia Development Scholarship

The Republic of Indonesia provides beneficial scholarship programs for students from developing countries who want to obtain a Master’s Degree. Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (or simply KNB) scholarship offers 3-year studies at the range of selected Indonesian universities.

  • The program welcomes student from all developing countries.
  • The level of study offered is Master’s Degree.
  • The study program offered is Human Resources Development.
  • The 3-year scholarship program consists of 1-year of the Indonesian language course plus special preparatory programs as well as the 2-year Master’s degree program.

Scholarship Value

  1. Every academic program is carried out in Indonesian language.
  2. Period of study (total of 3 years):
  • Indonesian Language Program – 8 months;
  • Preparatory Program – 4 months;
  • Master’s Degree Program – 24 months (4 semesters).
  1. Every scholarship covers:
  • living costs;
  • materials and research allowance (provided during the Master’s Degree program);
  • return airfare;
  • health insurance.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A candidate cannot be no older than 35.
  2. A candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its any equivalent.
  3. Candidate’s TOEFL score must be 450 or higher.
  4. A candidate must submit a completed scholarship application form.
  5. A candidate must be nominated by the Indonesian Embassy.
  6. A candidate must attach
  • 2 nomination letters: one from the Indonesian Embassy and the other from the respective official;
  • 2 academic recommendation letters;
  • a scanned copy of passport of birth certificate if under age;
  • a scanned copy of Bachelor’s degree certificate and academic transcript (translated in English of necessary);
  • a scanned copy of TOEFL certificate not older than 2 years;
  • a scanned copy of medical statement;

Application Procedure

The KNB Scholarships should be applied on-line only.

  1. First download your invitation letter from the official KNB Scholarship website.
  2. Submit your invitation letters, copy of passport/birth certificate, copies of academic certificates and transcripts to the Indonesian Embassy.
  3. The Embassy will assess your application in order to issue a nomination letter.
  4. The final results will be published on the official Scholarship website as well as through the Publication channel of the Indonesian Embassy.

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