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2013 LPDP Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships for Indonesian Students

2013 LPDP Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships for Indonesian Students

Public Service Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) offers master and doctoral scholarships for Indonesian students. The scholarship is tenable in Indonesia and abroad. It has focused on the six (6) areas of scientific priorities including engineering, science, agriculture, accounting / finance, law and religion.

Level of study: Master’s and doctoral program

Country of origin: Indonesia

Areas of study: Science, Agriculture, Accounting, Finance, Law and Religion.


-Indonesian citizens indicated the identity of the legitimate population;

-Graduates of the program of study:

Universities in the country accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education or graduate university official recognized by the government of Indonesia.

Universities abroad are categorized either as listed in the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture;

-Having demonstrated leadership with experience leading an organization or institution represented by the relevant documentary evidence;

-Active in social activities as indicated by evidence of relevant documents;

Have completed and earned academic degrees: Bachelor / Bachelor of Applied for Masters Program applicants and Masters to PhD program applicants

Maximum age for applicants’ scholarship at the close of registration is: 35 (thirty-five) years for the Master program and 40 (forty) years for doctoral program

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the minimum: 3.00, on a scale of 4, for graduates who will study Master and 3.25, on a scale of 4, for a Masters graduate who will study PhD.

The ability of foreign languages:

ITP TOEFL minimum of 500 for study programs in / PhD in universities in the country

TOEFL PBT at least 550 or an equivalent for the study programs in / PhD in foreign universities and / or has had a Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

For applicants who choose Master or Doctoral study programs abroad who do not use English as the language of academic instruction, can adapt to the requirements of the applicable foreign language skills in college. 

Scholarship Value: tuition assistance program to the Masters or Doctoral scholarship that includes the following components: Initial Costs ( Initial Allowance ) which include; registration fee (paid directly to the university); Matriculation fee (paid directly to the university); initial accommodation costs ( settlement allowance ); cost of thesis / dissertation; international seminar fee (for Doctoral Scholarship); transportation costs Periodic Cost ( Periodic Allowance ) which include; tuition / fees ( tuition fee ); monthly living expenses and allowances domicile ( monthly allowance ); allowance books ( book allowance ); health insurance. 

Apply: Registration conducted online by uploading supporting documents and fill out the form according to the given format. (All documents can be found in guidance documents scholarships). All supporting documents (original) and print the form to be taken in the selection interview.

-Forms and Supporting Documents

-Print Registration Form On Line

-Original Diploma and Transcript

-Certificate of TOEFL / IELTS / TOAFL and equal

-Certificate of Achievement

-Never Engage Statement Unlawful Acts

-Statement Never Involved Actions Violate Code of Academic

-Statement to serve the interests of the Indonesian Nation

-Statement Not Receive Scholarships from other sources

-License for Learning from superiors at work


Deadline: April 30, 2013

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