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American College of Surgeons – Scholarship

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is launching the International Guest Scholarship program 2014 to support young surgeons from all around the world who are strongly interested in medical teaching and research. Since 1913 ACS has been working on improving the quality of care for surgical patients and on updating the standards of safe and ethical medical practice environment. Nowadays, the establishment with 100-year history offers $10,000 scholarships to give the awardees an opportunity to acquire professional knowledge and skills through participating in the educational activities set by the College as well as through visiting teaching, clinical and research activities of the ACS Clinical Congress.

Eligibility Requirements

If you plan to apply for ACS scholarship, please check on the eligibility criteria below. You should take into your consideration that preference will be given to a candidate who have not experienced any surgical teaching or training in North America. As a candidate for the scholarship grant, you must:

  • Submit your application not later than July 1st, 2013;
  • be a legal citizen of any country, except for the United States and Canada;
  • be a graduate of a medical school;
  • be older than 35 and younger than 45 at the time of application;
  • make your application from your intended permanent location;
  • have at least 1-year experience in surgical teaching, research or practice at your intended permanent location, after completion of the formal training (with scholarships and fellowship included);
  • demonstrate your commitment to medical teaching and research, which accord with the standards set out in your home country;
  • also note that candidates who prove to be early careerists have a bigger advantage than those who are currently taking senior academic positions;
  • file a completed application form that is provided on ACS official website here (all accompanying materials, except for CV, are also acceptable if typewritten and in English): the form is designed so that an applicant could provide structured curriculum vitae, and any additional information can be attached additionally containing not more than 4 pages;
  • submit a list of all publications you have at the moment and attach 3 complete works (either manuscripts or reprints) from the list;
  • file 3 recommendation letters (please note that each letter must be submitted by the person who makes the recommendation):
  • one letter must be written by the chair of the department in which you are holding your academic appointment, or by a Fellow of ACS residing in your home country; the letter must include the details of the teaching experience or other academic involvement you were/are engaged into.
  • accept the offer of award in the year when you are designated;
  • provide a full report of your experiences, including scholarships and academic tours if you are accepted as an awardee.

Reapplication can be made only twice. In this case an applicant must file a valid application form and new supporting documents.

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