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Leiden University Excellence Scholarship program (LExS)


Seal Leiden University

Leiden University, the Netherlands, has been known as a prominent education center since 1575. Applying for the scholarship programs provided by the University, you choose the right way to go and make contributions towards your future! Below you will find the list of the requirements set by the University for applicants. Make sure you read it carefully. Good luck!

Level of study Master’s degree.
Country of origin All international students who are not citizens of the EU or EEA can apply.
Fields of study You can choose from the following list:

•    Masters of Law Advanced Studies in Air and Space Law;

•    Masters of Law Advanced Studies in European and International Business Law;

•    Masters of Law Advanced Studies in International Tax Law;

•    Masters of Law Advanced Studies in Public International Law;

•    MSc International Relations and Diplomacy.

Deadline For the semester starting in February 2014 you must apply not later than October 1st, 2013.

Admission Requirements

If you wish to be awarded the Leiden University Excellent Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. If you have studied overseas, it is required that you have achieved excellent academic results that can be relevant for the scholarship program you choose to enroll. As evidence, you will be placed among the top 10% for the program followed overseas.
  2. You must be a citizen or permanent resident of a non-EU and non-EEA country; otherwise, you will not be able to receive a Dutch education grant or loan.
  3. You cannot have obtained a Master’s degree at Leiden University earlier.
  4. If you are awarded the scholarship of Leiden University, you must agree with and confirm in writing your acceptance of the scholarship’s terms and conditions before the granting of the award takes place.
  5. You must complete a motivation letter of a maximum of 500 words (in Word format): the letter must specify the reason why you think you should be considered as a candidate for the chosen scholarship. Attach the document to the scholarship page when making online application for the program.
  6. You must submit documented evidence that you have sufficient budget to support your study in the Netherlands. Leiden University has counted that an average sum a student may need within 1 year varies between €10,000 and €14,000, including accommodation, basic living expenses, study materials and transportation. Please note that tuition fee is not included in the sum mentioned. The actual amount of money will of course depend on your spending habits and life style.

Scholarship Amount

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship program offers 5 types of grants.

Ivory 25% of the tuition fee
Bronze 50% of the tuition fee
Silver 75% of the tuition fee
Gold This award covers tuition fee fully (minus home fee).
Platinum This award also covers tuition fee fully (minus home fee) plus provides you with €10,000 allowance for living expenses.


Please consider that the type of the award and therefore its amount will depend on the certain budget that is available for each faculty. You should remember that the type of the award you receive can have no reflection on your academic excellence and achievements. The amount of tuition fee set by the Faculty will be reduced to that of the home fee. If you are granted a Gold or Platinum award, you still have to pay the home fee.


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