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University of the People and Microsoft 4Afrika Scholarship

Are you from Africa? That is great! Because nowadays you can gain an excellent opportunity to get your Associate’s Degree online with the University of the People (UoPeople). They have partnered with the Microsoft 4Africa initiative and are offering more than 1,000 scholarship awards to support African students. The world-class academic degree from UoPeople will help you change your life for the better as well as to support your family and community, which will lead to the ultimate positive transformation of the whole African continent!

Participation in various additional programs, like training, mentorship, internship and even employment at Microsoft and their partner companies, will enable you to enrich your knowledge, enhance your skills and professional experience.

The program welcomes applicants from all African countries. So, if you believe you are interested, you should complete the special UoPeople application form. Afterwards you will be asked to file a request for financial support from the Microsoft 4Afrika scholarship program.

More about scholarships at the University of the People can be found HERE.

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Why the University of the People?

UoPeople claims to be the very first non-profit and tuition-free online American university. The teaching at UoPeople is provided by world-renowned experts who are dedicated to directing and guiding other towards success. Education is the right for all – that is the principle on which the university bases its teaching performance. The instructors here believe that if high-quality education can significantly transform the life of an individual, then it will be able to change the whole society. That is why UoPeople offers affordable online degree-granting education programs to support everybody who wishes to study.

The university sets great goals and successfully brings them into life through:

  • turning the World Wide Web into a powerful provider of distance education;
  • offering a wide range of options for financial aid;
  • promoting its programs in underserved regions.

So, if you choose one of UoPeople’s programs, you can be sure that:

  • your education meets high academic standards;
  • you can develop not only professional but also communication skills plus critical thinking;
  • you will be engaged into peer-to-peer teaching, collaboration and interaction, acquiring new knowledge and experience and sharing yours.

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