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How to Blend in at a Foreign University?

Thanks to our previous article, you know the steps of preparing to a foreign education. Most of the young people, who have just entered a college or university, ask themselves a question: “How to join the team quickly?” and search through some websites to find an answer. Sure, there are many useful tutorials about fitting in at a new place. However, this is not suitable for students, who study abroad. Their task is much harder, as adapting to a completely unknown culture, traditions and language usually cause lots of unpleasant issues. These young people often make mistakes while trying to blend in at a foreign university. The general rules for freshmen do not work there in most cases. Keep in mind that without joining the local team, you will never get a full experience and pleasure from college life, especially if you study abroad. That is why we compiled some helpful tips on how to blend in at a foreign university.

Respect and Tolerance

These qualities are especially important for the students from abroad, who encounter absolutely new traditions and culture. Many habits of local people seem to be strange and even weird for them. However, they are normal for natives. The worst things you can do is showing your displeasure or disgust. You should never criticize local traditions. In this way, you show disrespect and impoliteness. One of the main ideas of education abroad is developing such qualities as tolerance and reducing stereotypes and prejudice from a student’s life.

Be Friendly

Sure, this tip is helpful in any case, when you want to join a team and find new friends there. Being friendly and communicative is a key to a successful adaptation in a foreign university. Nobody likes dull young people, who cannot say even a word of thankfulness or appreciation. Do not be one of them. A simple “Hello” can make you closer to your groupmates and improve your relationships. You should not be afraid to make the first step. You may sit at your desk for weeks, and no one will come and invite you to a party. Your classmates are scared of the new life and feel confused just as you do. So, it is a truly a bad idea to wait for someone else to start talking. Try to visit local events on campus and some parties, especially for freshmen, where you can meet other novices from different countries and support each other in the adaptation to the life abroad.

Meet Other Students

It is a good idea to build relationships with both local and international students. The first type of people may help you to understand the culture and traditions better. They can explain you some secrets and life hacks as well. Students, who come from other countries, are able to support you in blending in. You can explore the country with them and share your experience. However, do not concentrate on one type of students. It is better to avoid such boundaries and get pleasure from communication with both of them.

Learn Local Language

Sure, it is almost impossible to blend in if you do not know the local language. Sure, it may not be an easy task to complete an intensive course of its learning, but it makes you closer to a certain country. You will get an opportunity to attend classes in local language and communicate with native speakers. Some months later you will feel yourself like you are at home. Do not be afraid of difficulties and work hard. You can learn a language very fast if you live close to the native speakers.

Study a Lot

How to overcome homesickness? Just start studying a lot and prepare your homework with diligence. It will help you to adapt to the new conditions and get effective knowledge and skills. Sure, it may be hard for the first time, as educational systems are different among the planet. So, you should be ready to meet challenges. Remember that you have to participate in the interaction between the professor and students. Show that you are interested in a certain subject, and it will improve your relationship with the teacher greatly.

All in all, it is essential to do all possible steps in order to blend in faster. You have to adapt to new conditions if you want to get a pleasant experience and useful skills. Prepare yourself for challenges and be ready to encounter difficulties on your way. Of course, joining a team in a foreign university is much harder than being a freshman in your native country. Nevertheless, you will get more opportunities during studying in a foreign country. You already know several of them thanks to our articles. In the next one, we will tell some information about education in different countries and advise which country to choose for getting a diploma.  Moreover, there will be some points, which can help you to indicate the quality of degree and understand if it is good for you.

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