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How to Enter a University Abroad?

Exchange Students

As we explained in our previous article, studying abroad and participating in student exchange programs may have a lot of advantages for a young person’s development. Students, who tried it, never regret making such a decision. Sure, the next question, which appears, is how to enter a foreign university. For most teenagers, this task seems to be impossible. They are afraid of the necessity to do lots of complicated steps, prepare tons of documents and pass difficult exams. However, it is simpler than an average student may think. The only thing you need is some help and good advice. So, you have already made a decision to enter a university abroad. We appreciate such a choice and offer you several tips, which will support you during this process.

Select a University

So, you have a strong desire to study abroad, but you do not know what should you do at first. Of course, you should start with selecting a university and a country. In this question, it is a good idea to orientate on the result of different contests between educational institutions. You should pay attention to different ratings of world universities and colleges. In addition, you can find some students, who graduated from one of them, and ask if it is truly beneficial to enter this exact establishment. Surely, you have to take your own interest and preferences into account. If you like a certain country, its culture and traditions, it will be a good idea to choose a university there instead of traveling to a place you know nothing about.


After you selected an establishment to enter, you need to prepare some documents and pass several tests. Unfortunately, there is not an exact standard, which is suitable for all colleges. So, you will need to visit the official site of the university and find the specifications for international students there. As a rule, teenagers have to send copies of their passport, results of language proficiency tests, recommendations from high school and a resume. Usually, there are specific courses, which can prepare you for foreign education. It includes learning languages and getting basic knowledge on a certain subject. To attend such courses, you have to make an application to the university as well. Keep in mind that taking part in such preparation programs increases your chances to enter a certain establishment.

Learning Languages

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Many students are scared of entering a foreign university, because they find that all the lectures are given in the local language. Sure, most of them are oriented on students, who were born in a certain country and speak their native tongue fluently. Nevertheless, it is a false opinion that you cannot have lessons in English. The majority of international studying programs offer such a possibility. There are separate lectures for foreign students, who do not understand the local language. Moreover, there are some courses in every university, which offer an opportunity to learn the native tongue of the country you are studying in. In addition, you can do it during the preparation courses.

Getting a Visa

Sure, you need to get a visa to study in a foreign country. It should be a specific one for students, and not for tourists. It is not hard to receive it if you do all the things correctly. In case of troubles, it is better to ask a specialist for help in this issue. In some countries, there is no need for a visa. For example, students in the EU can study in foreign countries without such kind of permission. However, if you want to travel from the USA to Germany, you will have to get a visa. Start to research this beforehand in order to avoid problems.

The Issue of Money

Ancient University

The next issue, which troubles young people greatly, is the question of money. They do not realize how much it will cost for them and their parents, who usually cover all the financial demands. The payment needed for a year of studying depends on the country you are interested in and the particular university applied to. In case you select an ancient and prestigious one, you will be asked for a huge payment. However, the quality of education and the unique approach to every student are amazing and really effective. In addition, it is possible to receive a grant while studying some specific subjects, taking part in various programs or just relating to a certain group of people, for example, students from developing countries. Moreover, you can enter a foreign university and study there for free. Just spend some time to find new programs of education abroad. Many establishments headhunt talented students and winners of different contests. If you are one of them, you probably will get a chance to study there without the need to pay.

To sum up, studying abroad offers some good opportunities to young people. It is hard to overestimate how many benefits they get thanks to such education. The process of entering a foreign university is not easy, but it is possible to deal with this task even for a young person. If there are some inaccuracies or misunderstanding, you can call this university and make all the details clear. Moreover, there are many specific organizations, which help students to participate in international studying programs. Some of them offer their support for free, because they were made for charity or the popularization of education within the country.


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