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Example of Essay on Reducing Homesickness

Young People Communicating

Homesickness is the issue which waits for every single student, who enters a college far from his native city. Sure, most of them try to overcome it, but there is no effective result as a rule. Why? Probably, the methods, which they use, are not effective enough. Most of the teenagers just waste their time while surfing the internet and trying to find a good solution for this problem. Sure, it is really unpleasant when a student suffers from homesickness. He or she cannot concentrate on studying and think only about the native place. As a result, young people get into plenty of troubles: bad grades, conflicts with friends and even depression. In the worst cases, the students drop out and have to ask a psychologist for help. It is essential to prevent such cases and help young people to overcome stress caused by missing their home. It is possible to reduce homesickness without specific methods and professional therapy.

Stay in Touch

If you miss your home and family too much, it does not mean you should contact them fewer times. Per contra, it is better to communicate with them as much as you can. It will give you a feeling of closeness to them, even if there are hundreds of kilometers between you. Nowadays, there are many free programs, which allow you to make free calls and even video calls, namely Skype, Viber and so on. Talk to your parents when you miss them. It will help you to feel better. In addition, you can add them in various social networks. So, it will be possible to chat with them many times during a day.

Find Some Interesting Activities

Person Playing Guitar

The best way to reduce homesickness is having a certain activity to do. The main point is that a student will distract his attention from missing home and start thinking about some new things. Almost everyone has a favorite hobby: young people like to do various activities from athletic ones to painting or playing guitar. It is a good idea to dedicate all the time to developing certain skills and studying, of course. So, there will be no free minute to miss your home. Busyness is a cure from it.

Diligence in Studying

A student should be diligent while studying at college not only because of good grades. Concentration on lessons and homework reduces homesickness greatly. It is possible to ask a professor for an additional task or try to search some information on a subject on your own. When a young person sets a target to improve marks, it takes up almost all the free time, and there is no opportunity to think about the native place. The brain constantly works on solving hard tasks and finding creative approaches instead of wasting time and energy for homesickness.

Find New Friends

The best cure from missing school friends and besties, which are in your native place, is finding new buddies. Sure, it does not matter that a student should forget about his previous relationships. Good friends at college are necessary for freshmen to adapt and reduce homesickness. Moreover, it is possible to share your thoughts and troubles with them. Find someone in addition to your friends at home among the groupmates or people on the campus.

Benefits of Location

Student in Mall

It is another good way to reduce homesickness without specific efforts. The only thing you have to do is think about the benefits, which you get after moving to your college. For example, you lived in a small city or village without any entertainment facilities: cinemas, cafes, big malls and so on. Now, you have the possibility to stay in a big city with all these new opportunities. Sure, life here is more comfortable and enjoyable for a young person. Try to notice such things, and there will be no reasons to worry that you are far from home.

Summing up, homesickness may become a cause of stress and depression among young people. They focus their attention and efforts only on trying to come back home as fast as possible. As a result, they do not live an adult life and still depend on their parents. Sure, it is a hard time in itself, when a teenager has just entered a college and everything around is unknown. There may be no friends and support. So, a young person starts to build a life without dependence on someone else and uses his own forces. This is a confusing experience, but it is very useful as well. This is much more beneficial than studying at a native town and living with your family after leaving high school.

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