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Secrets of Cheap Traveling for Students

People in Airport

The perfect dream of every young person is to travel all around the world for free or, at least, for low prices. However, we still spend holidays at home or in cities and towns nearby when we cannot find any budget variant but have no money for luxurious hotels.

We know how sad it can be when you cannot afford an excellent possibility to see other countries and widen your horizons. We have already described the ways how to make your traveling more comfortable and pleasant and how to pack your bag correctly in our previous articles.

So, it is time to tell you about the ways of cheap but exciting traveling. Remember that high price does not guarantee that you will have fun and enjoy your holiday. You can get an unforgettable experience and amazing emotions much cheaper or even for free. How? Explore the points provided in this article and you will never be short of money for trips!

Sales of Tickets

Of course, all of us will agree that flying by plane is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to faraway places. It is much better than spending hours on a train to get from one place to another. However, the thing which may stop young people is the high cost of air tickets.

Yes, they are not that cheap. Nevertheless, there are some good ways to buy tickets almost for nothing. Today, almost all budget tourists participate in online auctions or just look for websites which sell the cheapest tickets for a certain date. Sometimes, they cost less than traveling by train or bus. Moreover, some airlines offer special sales during certain seasons. So, you need to take a closer look at their webpages regularly to buy the cheapest tickets.

Book an Apartment or a Hostel

Hostel Room

These are the cheapest places to stay in a foreign place. Moreover, living in a hostel may be a very enjoyable experience as a lot of young people usually book rooms there. You will be able to meet them and even find some new friends. However, the best thing is that you will never get bored there. Renting an apartment may be quite harder if you go abroad. However, this is cheaper than a hotel room and more comfortable than a bed is a hostel. You will get the possibility to try out the local life and understand how people manage their routine in a certain place.

But be careful while booking a place to stay, it is important to clearly understand in which district of the city it is located and if it is comfortable and safe for you.


Almost all of us have heard about this service. It is a truly beneficial thing. This is a nice way not only to stay abroad for free, but also make some new friends. A host in a foreign country can show you some beautiful places and tell about the mentality of the local people. Moreover, there is a system of security for users. All you need to do is to create an account and find a person who will agree to give you a place to stay. Be careful while choosing a host. It is better to rely only on verified accounts in order to avoid being tricked. Moreover, you should pay attention to the people who you allow to stay in your place. They should be responsible and honest.

Volunteering or Programs for Students

This is a good way to travel for cheap. Moreover, some organizations even pay for tickets and help volunteers to find a place to stay. Of course, you will have to do some work there, but it is worth all your efforts.

There are many volunteering programs for college students. Sometimes, they are advertised right in your school. In other cases, it is possible to win some college contests and get a possibility to study in a foreign country for a certain time period. Sometimes, you have to do something for a competition and then get a trip as a prize: it may be writing an essay, drawing a picture and so on. Pay attention to the advertisement in your college and be aware of all local contests.

Work Abroad

Person Working Abroad

No student want to work during their vacation: it is a waste of their holidays. However, this is not such a terrible experience as you may think. Firstly, it can be very fun: you will meet lots of foreigners, face unusual cultures and traditions. While working abroad, you can try to live a local life and understand the mentality of a certain nation deeper.

Secondly, it is a chance to earn some money and organize one more trip or buy something expensive after coming back. In addition, having a job is a good opportunity to stay in a country for a longer time, but not only for a few weeks. Sometimes, students spend all three months of their summer holiday abroad and explore the country.

It is important to travel and get a new experience to develop your personality. It is possible even if you do not have a lot of money to book the best hotels and air tickets. There are many ways of cheap traveling for students. However, they are not worse than average trips. Sometimes, having a short budget makes your vacation a bigger fun. You will never forget these emotions.

We hope that our tips will help you. In our next article, we will tell you about typical mistakes which people make while traveling and present some ways to avoid these mistakes.

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