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Become an Ideal Roommate: Tips and Tricks

When you decide to study abroad, you will most likely end up living on campus. It may happen that you will share a room with a neighbor. The situation gets even more complicated because of the fact that people have different tastes, views on life, habits and cultural characteristics. If you are going to share a room with another person, make sure you know the golden rules of being the ideal roommate. It turns out that it is not that difficult to establish the good neighborly relations.

Best Friends

Respect Your Neighbors and the Rules of the Residence

You will get an unusual experience by living with a student from another country. You need to learn how to live together, respect each other and the values of another culture, find common interests and respect your personal space. It is a good idea to set the rules that should be followed. Be sure to ask permission before you borrow a thing. If you were given something to use, then treat things with care. Discuss the rules regarding food, clothing and supplies. First of all, discuss when it is possible to invite some friends and whose turn it is to clean the room. You need to clean the room regularly. No matter how you treat the questions of the sanitation and hygiene, you need to clean up on your part of the room (or in the whole room, as agreed) on a regular basis. The thing is that the roommate or the apartment owner may be very unhappy with the fact that all dirt and various smells accumulate on your part of the room.

Share Duties and Assignments

Try to agree with each other. No matter how many people are in the apartment, you need to find out who cleans, who cooks, who feeds the fish, etc. You can make a schedule of who and when is tidying up or going to the store. Such arrangements are very helpful in everyday life and decrease all kinds of domestic conflicts. The main thing is to fulfill your agreements, and not leave them on paper. Remember that you must do the same things as others. Maybe you do not like to clean up or wash the dishes, but do not leave a mountain of dirty plates or scattered things. Moreover, you may also help your neighbors. If they are cleaning up, do not sit still. Help them and they will remain grateful. However, do not be the one to do all the housework!

Communicate with Your Neighbor

Be friendly with each other or at least maintain decent relations with the neighbors. Nobody likes people who always refuse to go for a walk, watch a movie or just talk. Do not only greet each other and say goodbye, but also find out how things are with your neighbors. Be interested in their life in order to get to know them better. At least try to agree on joint walks, parties and other activities from time to time. However, going to the club with a roommate or drinking coffee is sometimes worthwhile, even if you do not like clubs or coffee.

If a problem arises, it is better to discuss it and find the solutions together in order to avoid conflicts. When you do not communicate and the situation is heating up, you would be better off finding a new home. Just tell your neighbor about it in advance. It happens when the two of you just have different tempers, and it is completely normal. Who knows – maybe you will become best friends after you move out.

Spend Some Time Together

If you have already established the good relations, find some time to spend a few hours with your neighbors at least once a week. If he or she is from another country, then you have a unique opportunity to learn more about a different culture and traditions. Common interests will allow you to build a good relationship, go camping, sit in the cafes, watch a movie or just talk about how the day was. It is important not only to talk about yourself, but also to be an attentive listener.

Students Live Together

Respect the Habits of Your Roommate

If you like to go to sleep late, do not make much noise and turn off the lights after your roommate went to sleep so that you will not disturb him or her. Listen to music with the help of the headphones and talk on the phone in another room when your neighbor is doing homework or preparing for his or her exams.

Also, inform your roommate in advance if you are going to come home late or tell him or her about the guests that you will bring to the apartment. Obviously, no one will like it if, in the middle of a lazy holiday, a roommate comes to the apartment with friends who will make a lot of noise and turn on some loud music. This is why you always have to warn about your guests in advance.

Divide the Costs

You live under the same roof, so why not to split the costs? Discuss all expenses for housing, supplies and other things. Make a list of the necessary products that you will need every month and take turns when shopping.

Do Not Take Roommates’ Food Without Permission!

Usually, all roommates share expenses on the housing. However, a budget for food is another thing. This budget is spent according to the personal preferences. Nobody will appreciate it if one day a month’s worth of the sausage supply randomly disappears from the refrigerator. Would you like that? So, try to ask your roommate if you are going to take something from his or her strategic stocks.

These simple rules will help you establish the much needed friendly relations with your neighbors and get an unforgettable experience of living together.

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