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Where to Find Cheap Accommodation Abroad

The main advantage of studying abroad is the opportunity to travel the world. Obtaining new knowledge is definitely the most important task, but it is silly to miss such a chance. You can gather your groupmates to plan your holiday in another state or country. However, the question of place to stay arises. Students are not the richest people, so how to find a cheap flat in a foreign city? We are here to help you.

Students Travel Abroad


It is a social network for those who are ready to invite guests from other countries to their homes. Service brings together more than 7 million people from 246 countries. On this website, you can find where to stay for a couple of nights for free. To use the service, you need to register and go through the identification by the code that will come to the e-mail. After activating the account, a green tick appears next to your name, which means that you are a real person.

Search for Apartment

A person who is looking for an overnight stay can write a private message to the couchsurfer or leave an open application on his/her page. It will be answered by those who are ready to provide accommodation on the dates indicated.

Rules That Will Help You Find Accommodation

  1. Write non-standard letters to apartment owners.

Do not send templates to homeowners, such as: “Hi, I need a night’s lodging.” Such requests are often rejected. Agree, that this sentence tells not enough about you and your mates. It is worth writing in detail about you and friends: who are you, for what purpose do you arrive in the city and why should you be chosen by a couchsurfer. A good letter will increase the chances of success.

  1. Be a good guest.

When you arrive and meet with the couchsurfer, you should buy food or even some present. This human offers you accommodation, interesting excursions, and warm atmosphere, so be ready to give something in return.

  1. Stay for 3 days.

Search for accommodation you need a few weeks before the trip. The optimal time for an overnight stay is three days. This rule is used by many couchsurfers to establish friendly relations with the owner and not to get bored. This will allow you to return there once more as you already know each other.

  1. Respect others.

Do not raise the topic of politics or faith when you are a quest in a country with different traditions. It can hurt the feelings of the interlocutor if his/her opinion differs from yours. They provide you with free accommodation and it is worth remembering. Discuss everyday issues that may cause difficulties. For example, how long it takes to get out and when to turn off the lights, etc.


  • A person will not take money from you, and maybe you will also have a tour around the city.
  • You will have the opportunity to see how people live in other countries.
  • There are applications for Android and iOS devices.


  • You will have to forget about hotel service. The site often indicates what conditions are waiting for you on arrival, but you should also indicate your wishes. For example, you can put a tick, which means the unwillingness to sleep in one bed with the owner.
  • To find a place to sleep, tens of letters will have to be mailed, which, perhaps, will not succeed.
  • Couch-surfing involves communication and friendship with people. Thus, you will have to tell stories to the owner of the apartment, even if you do not want it.

Happy Tourists


The hostel is a European system of accommodation for tourists. This type of hotel provides customers with accommodation at a daily rate. Often, this is a bed in a multi-seated room with one shower and toilet. Many students appreciate this type of accommodation in group tours because it is rather cheap and it is a perfect place just to sleep and leave your clothes while walking the city.


  • The hostel is the cheapest accommodation.
  • Similar hostels exist in all tourist cities in the world.
  • Good hostels have excursion program for their guests. For example, they organize parties or walking tours.
  • In Europe, it is the most affordable place to stay.


  • No privacy. You should be ready that a lot of people will live in the room with you, which means: constant noise, turn to the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • There is a danger that your things can be stolen. Therefore, you should not leave money, documents, electronics or jewelry in the room.

Services for Finding Hostels

On the booking sites, you can find hostels of Europe and the world at a reasonable price and book a place. Here the prices are lower than on most similar services. For example, in Warsaw, you can settle in a hostel from $10. Prices may vary depending on the date of arrival. In Rome, you can rent a hostel in the historic center of the city from $26 per night.

Daily Rent of Apartments

Services of daily rent of apartments for tourists – this is the same as “Couchsurfing,” but only for money. Service Airbnb provides rental services for apartments. For example, in Paris, you can rent a studio apartment in the center of the city for $40 per day. The apartment is located five minutes from the Louvre. To do this, you need to register, bind a bank card to your account and pay for renting an apartment.


  • Large selection of apartments.
  • You can find cheap housing.
  • You can rent a full apartment or rent a room, which will be much cheaper if you travel with friends.
  • There are unusual rooms in the service base. For example, with access to the roof or with your own garden on the balcony.
  • The service operates in almost any country in the world.


  • Most full-fledged apartments are more expensive than a room in a hotel. However, if you take a look, you can find it at an affordable price. It is worth paying attention to renting a room with the owners.
  • Large apartments should be rented for the company. Thus, the rent can be divided into five or six people.
  • In addition to daily payment, the service withdraws money for cleaning the apartment.

These are the easiest ways to find a cheap accommodation for students in foreign countries. So, if you plan to diversify your university life with traveling, use tips above and follow your heart.


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