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Life and Studying: Some Vital Things You Were Not Taught in College

Everyone reacts to the education in a different way. However, absolutely everyone has wondered if the knowledge that is given to us in the school or college is necessary at all at least once in their life. Is it really that important to remember the all the emperors in the era of Ancient Rome and how does photosynthesis work? Many would like to be taught some really crucial things. For example, many of us would like to master budget management instead of algebra.

Educational Ladder

Financial Literacy

Yes, the school and college have economic lessons, but sometimes it seems that they helped only those people who later entered the Economics Department. While we still understand the difference between macro and microeconomics, what should we do with own finances remains a mystery for most of the students. Can you understand the news about the rehabilitation of the bank without a crib? If back at school, you were told how to manage the family budget, take care of your own savings and which bank to choose in order to receive sufficient benefits, perhaps you would have grown up a bit earlier.

The Struggle Against Bureaucracy

Sometimes, it may seem that the struggle against all forms of bureaucracy is a lesson, the studying of which will take you a whole life, but it would be great if we were already getting ready to fight from the college times. How to take the meter readings and what is going to happen if you forget to do this for several months? How to register for the state services? How to fill in the questionnaire for the ID? How to understand the receipt for the rent, what do the cryptic abbreviations of services mean and how to disable the useless options? What documents are needed to get into the hospital? Everything has to be learned on your own through many mistakes.

Rhetoric and the Art of Debating

If you have ever participated in a fierce discussion on Facebook, you understand what this is going to be about. Going out of college, we suddenly find that almost no one around us can argue properly and instead of productive conversation people prefer to assert themselves or discharge themselves emotionally, completely not listening to the interlocutor. All of us would do well to learn to participate in the debate and at the same time to speak in public. This way, the presentations to our group mates will not turn into a complete nightmare.

Sport as a Pleasure

If you belong to that happy group of people who never had any problems with sports and every lesson of the physical education brought only joy to you, you truly were lucky. However, unfortunately, not everyone can say the same. The practice of putting grades for whether you managed to jump a certain number of inches, run for half a mile for a certain time or climb a rope has completely repulsed and destroyed any love for training for a lot of people. And yet, no one at any schools says that sports should be fun and pleasant, and that it does not necessarily have to fit in the rules in order for the students to get some satisfaction from it.

Social Skills and the Ability to Respect Others

It is believed that the school and college should teach us how to interact with other people because we are always in the team. However, in practice, we get a set of several completely different skills – how to cope with the bullying and not to become its victim, how to stand out less so that the school years pass more calmly. Instead of this knowledge, it will be more vital to learn how to respect the individuality and opinions of others, even if we strongly disagree with the person.

Skills That Will Help Us Survive

Of course, this point does not apply to the academic knowledge at all, but it is definitely needed for further life, even if you do not plan to leave the city. You never know when you suddenly need to build a bonfire or to provide the first aid. It is good if you were at least explained that the arterial bleeding differs from the venous blood. From the school lessons, we remember only that the moss grows on the north side of the tree, but what to do with this knowledge is decidedly incomprehensible.

Survival in the Wild


It is better if you never need to use any self-defense skills, but, unfortunately, life often gives us some unexpected surprises. A pair of self-defense lessons or krav maga instead of the usual physical education would not be useless for anyone – at least in order to feel just a little bit more confident.

The Basic Knowledge of Psychology

Even though we have learned about our body and health (though sometimes we still try to treat a cold by the means of a miracle), everything is much more complicated with our psychological health. Psychological disorders are still stigmatized, so many are afraid to tell others that they are facing depression, bipolar disorder and other problems. It would be great if the next generation treated this question differently and understood that it is not shameful or scary to approach a therapist – all of us need help from time to time.

Proper Time Management

Coping with the flow of things during our time in college is relatively easy – even if you used to stay up late because of the homework, you could have been sure that there is some degree of certainty in your life: a clear timetable, a specific number of classes and the strictly allocated time for them. With age, it becomes more and more difficult: the schedule is over and the work day has to be managed only by your own self. It would be good if we were taught this before.

Understand the Political Situation

Of course, there are social studies lessons and the students know that there are two branches of power in the country, but it sounds just as boring now as it was in school. It would be much better if we were taught to familiarize ourselves with the political environment and critically evaluate the authorities and candidates for it. Perhaps, that would make us more responsible and reasonable.

Student with a Laptop


Finally, it became clear that the knowledge of coding is the same as the knowledge of English today: it is theoretically possible to know everything, but it is better to know at least something, even if you are not a programmer or an interpreter. Every application that is more than a simple office programs has to be learned by oneself independently.


«Learning to study» is probably the most useful skill that we must take out of college, but for some reason, we cannot stand it. In the era of Google, it seems that we will find anything easily no matter what happens. However, we are completely lost when there is no necessary information on the Internet. That is why self-education is very important – as soon as you stop learning, you find yourself out of the labor market.

This list is endless because there are a lot of vital things to know about this world in advance. This can prevent a lot of problems in our future.

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