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How to Travel Abroad with Your Friends: Useful Advice for the College Students

Summer is a traditional time of holidays and travel. You are in a winning situation because you are already abroad and all unexplored routes are in front of you. So, gather your new friends and go to explore a foreign country and find out new interesting places. However, traveling with friends is not that easy. Therefore, we prepared some tips on how to have a good time and still remain friends.

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Find Out What You Should Expect from the Trip

Unfortunately, your friends are not always the best companions: even if you are soulmates, it is not a fact that traveling together will be comfortable for you. In a stressful situation and in an unfamiliar environment, people always open up in a new way, so the choice of a company should be approached especially carefully.

It is easier and more pleasant to travel with those with whom you converge in views and who share your interests. Therefore, before the trip, it is very important to talk about what you want from the holidays and how to get used to spending time on trips. Do you like typical tourist entertainment, or do you like to explore the little-known places? Are you used to walking much, and if so, can your friends support you in this, or are they more used to moving by car or by the public transport? Discuss the regime of the day: do you like to get up early and go exploring the city or prefer to sleep before noon? These honest conversations will help to avoid any conflicts.

Think About the Number of the Fellow Travelers

There is no universal prescription, and in every situation, there are pluses and minuses. For example, it is more convenient to book an accommodation for two than for three: three people in one room are often cramped, and taking a separate room for the third person is too expensive. If you still want to go in a company of three, it is very important that one of you do not feel like a third wheel.

A trip together also has its disadvantages: if you have a serious argument, the rest of the trip will have to be spent alone. In this case, it may be easier to go with a big company. If you still decide to go on a holiday with only a few friends, decide whether it will be cheaper to rent an apartment or a villa rather than renting several rooms. When visiting different museums and galleries, check if there are discounts for large groups – it is likely that you will be able to take a tour almost for the price of a regular ticket.

Plan Together

If the main plus of traveling alone is freedom, then on a trip with your friends you will definitely have to adjust to others and make certain compromises. Try to take into account the interests of each person at the planning stage: discuss how you want to spend your time, what is really important for you to visit and what you want to see. Share information about the place where you are going with each other, so that it will be easier for you to plan a route, make a trip plan and not miss something interesting and important. Listen to others and do not hesitate to express your own wishes. To plan a trip, it is possible to make the general lists of tasks, for example, with the help of Google documents.

Share Your Responsibilities

Surely, even at the planning stage, you will understand that one of you is better suited to cope with the certain tasks: someone is better at monitoring plane tickets at a bargain price, someone is good at planning the budget and someone knows how to find interesting and unusual sights. Share responsibilities accordingly. Thus, organizing the trip will be much easier. One person should not control everything without taking into account the interests of others.

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Discuss the Budget

Another important element of the trip which must be discussed before you find yourself in the plane or a car is the budget. This conversation can be very awkward and unpleasant, but it is necessary: what is absolutely normal for you may seem like luxury and excess for another, and vice versa – if one of you is ready to live in a hostel and eat sandwiches from the nearest supermarket, it is not a fact that others will enthusiastically accept this idea.

Find out what and how much you are willing to spend, talk about the way of living and about where you will eat – in the local cafes, restaurants or cook for yourself.

Share All Costs Wisely

This council is closely connected to the previous one. You will have to share some of the costs, and there are several ways to ease your life. If possible, try not to postpone the calculations for later in order not to remember who paid for your coffee and who paid for the entrance tickets to the museum. You can use a special application to calculate the costs. If you travel with a large group, you can start a piggy bank for some common needs – joint trips to cafes, museums and other things.

Think About the Luggage

No matter how you want to put all the things in one bag, it is better if everyone travels with their own suitcase. First of all, neither you nor your friends will have to drag everything at the same time; secondly, you will not argue because of how best to put things together. When going on a trip, discuss what you can take and divide the burden so as not to carry, for instance, several hair dryers.

Before the trip, arrange what kind of baggage you take with you: if everyone is traveling with the suitcases, then it is better to take a suitcase too, and if you want to be as mobile as possible, be limited to backpacks that you can take in hand luggage.

Be Ready to Change Your Plans and Reach Some Compromises

A joint trip always involves compromises. However, if you cannot choose between the two options, this does not necessarily mean that you need to look for a third – you can take turns to do what is interesting to each of you. Try to be more open to the new: it is quite possible that you will like the museum that your friends want to visit. Do not forget to thank your friends if they agree to do something that is interesting for you. Be prepared for the fact that your friends can get tired of a program and decide to do nothing all day – and remember that doing nothing is also useful.

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Have a Break

It is not necessary to look for compromises all the time. Even if you are traveling with your good friend, do not be afraid to mind your own business and spend several hours or a whole day on something that is personally interesting for you. In the large companies, this is even easier: you can split into groups of two or three. This does not mean that your friendship has cracked – it will simply help you relax.

Speak Up If You Do Not Like Something

If you do not like something, it is better to tell your friends directly and not to collect hundreds of grievances: an honest, open and respectful conversation will help solve many problems. Listen to yourself. For instance, if you know that you become irritable when you are tired, tell your friends that you need to rest – they will surely understand you.

Be attentive to your friends and pay attention to their mood. In stressful situations, try to be more careful not to tell your friends too much in the heat of the conversation: lost luggage, canceled flight or even the most unsuccessful trip is not worth destroying a friendship.


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