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Creating My Essay: 15 Risks for Your Academic Success

Writing paper is one of the most annoying tasks for students because there are a lot of requirements and a little of time is given. However, if you have troubles with writing, we are here for you give a helping hand. In fact, the essay is an easy genre, but you need to avoid some risks.

Writing a Paper

Everything at Once

Quite likely, multitasking is not the best choice for students when it comes to concentration on the piece of writing. You do not need to spoil own writing with your own hands. When you notice that you have been writing the paper for four hours, check whether you spend it on chatting with your friends and watching funny videos or movies. If it is your usual practice, you need to review your time management.

Striving for Excellence

Remember the main rule: ideal does not exist. However, your striving for excellence can turn out to be a bad decision. When you may spend a lot of time on choosing the right words or topic to be explored. It will be just a waste of time. The best is an enemy of the better. Try your 6 sense and pick the first topic in a list that seems interesting and start searching for sources. Do not edit your paper for ten times, give it to your friend for a review and correct the controversial sentences.

Educational Technologies

There are a lot of things to make your studying process easier. You probably heard about students writing lectures in Google Docs. Why not search for some apps and useful resources to improve the process of writing an essay? The points below may help in finding and designing your essay.

  • Apps for checking grammar and spelling.
  • Digital libraries and science articles searching engines.
  • Time management apps.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Learning from the already existing example is one of the best research tactics. Instead of looking at an empty screen, you can search for samples of some essays related to the topic of your research. It can inspire you and that, in turn, will speed up the process of research and writing.

Study Hard

Ignoring the Standard Structure

Keep in mind that you are writing an essay, not the cover letter to apply to an advertising agency. Your creativity is good, however, the essay has its structure and you should use it. Show your creativity while making up arguments.

Reader’s Fatigue

Never underestimate the importance of attention-grabbing elements, especially in the first paragraph. If you tire your reader out from the very beginning, then you will lose him or her forever. Steady techniques for attracting attention are:

  • rhetorical questions;
  • dialogue with the reader;
  • stories;
  • anecdotes or jokes;
  • statistics;
  • urgent news;
  • amazing facts.

Do Not Forget About the Statements

Even one sentence can save all of your essays. Place the findings at the end of the introduction point and it should perform the following functions: summing up the main points, expressing one’s position or provide a development plan for all work.


Another trick used by the students who want to expand their essays without adding any valuable content is the addition of empty filler words. Try to refrain from using the following phrases and always delete them if they crawl into your documents from time to time: in fact, for all intents and purposes, in connection with the fact that, what I want to say, despite the fact that and so on.

Absence of Strict Storytelling

Of course, you need to give at least 3 arguments in your writing, but it is also important to connect them under one topic. It is a common case when you have inspiration and write down all of your thoughts, however, people thinking is not linear, we jump from topic to topic and then after the fourth idea, we may return to the first one and continue to write about it. You need to logically organize your thoughts and ideas in a logical order.

Organize Your Quotes and Links

Even if you are a master of retelling, using the ideas of others without having them properly designed or without any reference to their sources, is plagiarism. Be sure to disclose your sources each time you include the following in the text:

  • scientific discovery;
  • statistics;
  • dates and numbers;
  • facts that are not general knowledge and are not your own ideas.

Design Matters

It will be inappropriate to send your essay to the teacher when it is typed with Algerian font and 18 sizes. Of course, your paper should be easy to read, so fulfill all the requirements of your professor. You need to use a standard designing format if there are no specific demands.

Disregarding Grammar

Here is the checklist not to get a lowered grade due to a poor attention:

  • subject/predicate correlation;
  • spelling and usage of pronouns;
  • verbal forms;
  • words that are often misspelled.

In addition to that, sentences with a few parts with incorrect/missing conjunction or punctuation, too long sentences, and punctuation errors should be avoided at all cost.

A Mark

Ignoring Stylistic Errors

Another reason why you might need help is your writing style. Your main task is to make your essay look like an academic document. These tips will help you eliminate random flaws:

  • Avoid unreasonable arguments;
  • Avoid absolute arguments. Add modal verbs such as can, possibly, maybe, could and instead;
  • Use suspension and try to write from the third party;
  • Use only formal style. Avoid jargon, abbreviations or conversational expressions.

We really hope that after reading this article you will avoid a lot of common mistakes and will get better grades from now on.


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