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Where to Find Friends in a New City When Studying Abroad?

In a place where you have lived for a long time, new acquaintances are almost inevitable. We cannot always remember how we met this or that person. It happens easily, and we do not even think how lucky we are. However, if you decided to study abroad all of a sudden, the question arises – how to find any friends in the new city? It will be good if you have relatives or acquaintances who may live in that new place, or you will be lucky with the group mates. However, what if there are no friends to talk to? Where to find friends and not go insane from loneliness?

College Friends

They Are Very Close

Look around, walk around the area where you have to live, meet your neighbors. It is likely that you can find several interesting people with whom you will be pleased to communicate. Do not afraid to ask if you do not know where to buy food or where the nearest park is. Try to talk to your neighbors and they will be ready to help. This is a perfect reason to start being sociable.

Your College, University or Work

Even if you do not see a person with whom you would like to become friends in your group, do not despair – look at the nearest office or another group. Also, in order to meet new people in your current town or city, you can go for additional group classes, for example, a foreign language course.

Doing Sports

If you are fond of a sport or just trying to keep yourself in great physical shape, this will play into your hands. Join one of the sports sections or start attending the fitness club. If the last time you went in for sports was during the physical education classes, going to a sports club will help you kill two birds with one stone. Many experienced athletes are often ready to help the beginners, and with each visit, the circle of your friends will expand.

Co-working and Intellectual Games

Currently, in every city, you can easily find places that specialize in some kind of intellectual or board games. Someone is playing them constantly, someone is a rare visitor, and someone, perhaps like you, wants to meet these interesting people in the city and therefore joins the game – in any case, it is worth trying. There are always a lot of people of different age and social status on such gatherings.

Sitting in Coworking

The Internet

If you are fond of an online game, it will help you with such a task as making friends in the new city. Especially if you are in a clan or a guild – you can meet those people who were known to you only as their in-game characters. Do not forget about all kinds of dating sites or chat rooms – their popularity never fades away. Here, you can find a lot of interesting people who are also looking for new acquaintances.

The Club of Interests

In fact, this may not be a club at all – if you like reading, you might want to look for the new friends in the library. What is more, if you are keen on roller skating, then make sure to visit some specialized venues.

The Cafes

Of course, one should not, on the pretext of finding new friends in the new city, become a regular visitor to the cafes and bars, but it is here where you can get acquainted with everyone with a special ease because of the atmosphere that makes it possible.

These are not all existing ways and opportunities for making some friends in a new town as it all depends on your communicative abilities. Moreover, the will of fate plays an important role, too. With some people, life brings us together completely by accident, sometimes in some very unusual ways, and we did not do anything to control the situation. However, this does not mean that it is worthwhile to let things happen completely unsupervised and hope that our friends will unexpectedly appear out of nowhere. Try to be open to the world and you can easily cope with such a task as making friends in the new city.

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