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Study with Fun: Finding Friends in The University

It does not matter where you came on the first day – in a small private college or a huge university, getting to know new people can be a real test for you. If you want to become friends with fellow students, you need to remember that they are all as nervous and frightened as you are, so you need to join the society as quickly as possible until the class breaks into closed groups. If you want to learn how to quickly get friends in college, listen to our advice.

College Friends

Act in Advance

Try to make friends before the start of the school year. Some colleges offer additional classes that last until the beginning of the main classes. It can be a week-long volunteer trip or a hike with tents. That is right, you and your future classmates can start a relationship that will last a very long time. Maybe your college has meetings for first-year students, which take place before the beginning of studies. Come to such meetings with a big smile on your face. This advice may seem trivial, but you will be rewarded for your efforts when it comes to making friends. At such events, you cannot meet a best friend, but you will get to know people with whom you can attend events. You will no longer be afraid to meet and talk to new people. The more different people you meet, the more chances you have of finding someone who really likes you.

Be First to Communicate

Begin to communicate with people. Once you enter college, you will notice that all students are friendly; they want to shake your hand, take your phone number and talk heart to heart about your studies and plans in college. This is a fact that cannot be disputed, but this mood lasts only a few weeks. If all this time you missed the house, called your best friend or were seen in hard-hitting situations, you missed your chance to get acquainted with strangers in a buffet, classroom or hostel.

If you exceed the waiting limit, people around will start listening to the player, hanging out in the usual circle of friends and slamming the doors in front of newcomers. This behavior may seem rude, but it is. When meeting a new person, do not be afraid to ask for the phone number. It does not matter if this person is your potential friend. In the beginning, this behavior is acceptable to others and is not considered impartial.

Do Not Give Up in Case of Failure

The first course is full of changes, so many people give up their intentions. Most freshmen insoul still did not leave their native nest and did not survive parting with close friends, brothers, sisters, and parents. Changing the situation can pose certain difficulties for you. As a rule, this happens to those students who live far from home. Do not let this happen to you. It may take a whole year before you begin to really communicate with people. Some students who do not participate in sports, music and theater events and do not participate in the vocational program, cannot make friends until the second or even the third year of study!

Forget About Any Relationship At A Distance

Without a doubt, only one of a thousand relationships at a distance has proved its viability. Do not pretend that nothing happens. You are only 18, or at most 22, and you need to spend time on new acquaintances, discovering your possibilities and entertainment. You cannot always hang on the phone when your girl/boyfriend plans to visit you for the fourth time in a month. Nothing can protect you from potential friends, otherwise, loneliness will take you much faster than you think.

There is no guarantee that you will meet the love of your life in college. Most likely, this will not happen. If you close yourself, you stop all the searches and stop being a sociable person. If you are really attached to close people who live far away from you, talk to them on the phone relatively briefly and put a few visits in the first months of college.

Rest from Your Neighbors

No doubt, your neighbor seems an adequate and pleasant person. Does this mean that you must live with it for the next four years? Probably not. Your neighbor is a wonderful person with whom you can chat in the first weeks of college, and with his/her help you can meet new people. However, if you do not have the feeling that you are friends in spirit, stop using your neighbor as a support. Do not completely refuse to communicate with your roommate. Be ready to do your own business. Sometimes it is even better if you and your roommate have normal friendships, but you are not close friends. This approach will save you from awkward situations in the future when you begin to discuss the possibility of conscientious living.

Making Friends

Find A Friend Who Is More Sociable by Nature Than You

In your college, a myriad of people is learning. Some of them are very shy, and the rest will be even shyer. It is necessary to pay attention to everyone, but at the same time choose one or several people who are really communicative, get acquainted with new people with enthusiasm and are always open to exciting ideas. Having a sociable friend will increase your chances of meeting many new people on your way and finding those that will mean a lot to you.

It is necessary to understand that once you have a goal, you will get to know some people who have the same schedule. Visiting the same classes many times simplifies the search for friends. If you are engaged in general educational subjects, try to go deeper also into the main subject. You will be able to meet people with whom you will have common interests and goals.


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