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Confession of the Efficiency Genius: Example for Students


Here you will learn how to be efficient on the clear example of a person, who is involved in various project and manages to be happy at the same time. You will learn how to organize your time to be successful at work and studies from the following interview.


What are you doing? What tools and techniques do you use? What conclusions did you make for yourself?

I do 100 push-ups on the fists over the span of 60 seconds to keep the habit of my dorm years from the 90’s. More often than not, I supplement this with another exercise so that I can keep my body in the best shape possible. The end of my routine is usually marked with some movements that allow me to stretch my back because I sit a lot during the day.

All unnecessary thoughts can disappear with the help of the cyclic exercises. Moreover, I clean my lungs with the help of swimming in the pool. As a rule, I do not rest until I have achieved supremacy.

I brush my teeth twice a day. However, I do not rinse my mouth with water – I keep the toothpaste in my mouth for a minute. Then, I practice breathing and strengthen the enamel – and it’s good to stand alternately on one leg during that process. Once a year, I visit the dentist for the professional cleaning and polishing. There are no dental fillings – all teeth are still in my mouth, everything is natural.

Forget about using salt and sugar – in fact, I do not keep them in my house at all. Consider eating at the restaurants that you are sure of. However, choose those entries which are not on the menu – follow the recommendations of the cook since he or she knows the origin and freshness of the products, the compatibility of all dishes and the talents of the shift in the kitchen. In addition to that, check the expiration date and the composition of the products when you go shopping.

Abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking. And perceive the elevator as your personal enemy.



How do you manage your time and how do you plan it?

My schedule is maintained by an assistant who knows the basic rules. I do not need to negotiate a place for a meeting – a professional is responsible for that, and he or she will put all events into the plan, take care of the taxi, hotel and plane tickets if necessary. The only thing I have to do is to observe and execute the premade timetable. Just like everyone else, I ask to appoint a meeting with the clients during a specific period of time while receiving updates as text messages on WhatsApp. They may contain the brand and the number plate of the car, the driver’s name and a phone number, the endpoint and the purpose of the trip.

I have my own driver’s license, nevertheless, I avoid driving because you can work and relax in the back seat which is a better use of your precious time.

Most of my meetings are being held in the office. There is a projector, a screen and a board there for convenience. There also are four video cameras of different systems for remote communication. Moreover, it is worth working with all the electronic documents in the multi-user mode. Every important piece of data should be printed out and given to others in the office so that everyone has easy access to the latest news.

I have mastered the art of quick reading and blind typing on the keyboard as I know the QWERTY layout perfectly so that I can work on the standard keyboards with a speed of 450 characters per minute.

Both skills would allow you to respond instantly to the email while you are not straining when typing letters, reports and presentations. It is essential to answer all incoming emails quickly. For more comfort, make sure to transfer the files to the folders named «Save» and «Review later». It is vital to set up automatic sorting rules for multiple email folders.

If it is impossible to assume control of some of my gadgets, I always try to find a solution with the help of my iPad. To use it properly, I always carry around the VGA and HDMI cables and adapters so that I can connect to the projectors. This way, my clients can always see everything in a much clearer way.

I do not watch any TV, nor do I read the press. In addition to that, I do not listen to the radio and music. Even if I decide to watch some movies, I do so with a 200 percent acceleration to not waste any time. It is worth noting that it is preferable to follow the recommendation of my friends. They can also help understand the phrases from the series and explain some inside jokes in more detail. To get used to the accelerated viewing, I was using the VLC player while watching everything in a speed-up manner, with a daily increment of 3% in speed for a month. After that, watching movies in the cinema became rather boring.

In the evenings, I aim to read half a book. In negotiations and conversations, the knowledge from different fields definitely comes in handy. It is difficult to compete with the simple Google search, but if you find yourself somewhere with no Internet access, it becomes your time to shine.

Most reports save time at the conferences and summits. You may want to collect some business cards with the phone numbers, but you can just end up chasing the right people. Instead, after you leave the stage, you can collect all cards with mobile phones in under a minute. When it is the second invitation to the annual event, I agree to be the first or second speaker on the day of the beginning of an event.

When I speak to my clients, I usually hear: «I saw your picture in a magazine, and I was told that you hold the number one placement in loyalty (or processes, security, innovation, technology, HR management, etc.)». The meeting goes by quicker, more productively and more benevolently thanks to the methodical and regular work on our own brand. This is why I aspire to be the best.

I make my presentations by myself while following these rules:

  1. The presentation is like a child, so it continues to live an independent life after you have created it, which is why I should not be ashamed when I meet my child in a couple of years;
  2. The minimum number of fonts and styles must be used, as well as the alignment of elements in two decimal places must be kept. If you get a large screen, then you should not act in negligence when flipping through the slides;
  3. If the presentation is not for a social or a charitable event, I do not leave the presentation to the organizers of the event and prepare much more strongly so that the delegates ask for my materials later themselves. After that, the organizers may be looking for more meetings with me, from which it is possible to get more references and renown.

As such, look through the succession of all the slides showed carefully – this allows you to speak more often and prepare less often, reusing up to 40% of the pages several times. As for me, I study the reports twice: in the evening before going to bed and immediately after I wake up. I find myself preparing the presentations with a tempo of 20 seconds spent on the single slide, and I make attempts to paraphrase the written text – at this speed and two main lines of thought, the audience listens with awe while not losing any interest.

A very special treatment towards the punctuation marks should be adopted for efficiency. In essence, I despise double spaces and I try not to use parentheses because they contain a secondary type of text – so you can do without it just as well.

No matter what it is – a letter, a document, a fragment, a paragraph – I read everything three times. The first time is to check whether it is understandable; the second – to simplify the phrases and to delete some superfluous words; the third one – to confirm whether it is tactful. Sometimes, the use of the particle «would» can work wonders: «I would ask» instead of «I am asking», «I would like» instead of «I want». When appropriate, say «Thank you» as it is always good to be courteous.

In the important texts, I use the frequency analysis and the banality tests. The former reveals all redundant words – it makes me rephrase and use more synonyms, while the latter follows my own formula. It is based on the occurrence of the words in a single paragraph. If the indicator is close to one – the text is written with the help of mostly unique words. However, if the indicator exceeds three, then the paragraph should be deleted completely and the meaning of the text will still not change at all.


How do you cope with them? What are the three main rules of your financial management?

First and foremost, I do not take any loans and do not lend any money. Instead, if you need something, I try to find a professional, stylish and cool solution – I tend to look for a bargain.


Moreover, I always pay for each service in order not to owe anything to anyone and have the moral right to expect the same attitude from others. In addition to that, I follow the «exchequer» in Microsoft Excel documents. Still, it should be a habit to spend your salary on the family. Any additional income may be spent on the items of luxury and rest. Besides, do not neglect collecting some discount cards of maximum denominations when possible and always check all bills in the shops and restaurants.


What helps you to be successful?

Just like I have already mentioned before, I do not want to be simply the best in my city, country or industry. I aspire to be the best in the world. For example, in LinkedIn, I compete for the searches with people from Forbes, those who show up in the Most Connected category or the automatically most viewed in your organization.

Make sure to communicate with the owners or the right hand of the CEOs. Still, refrain from using manipulative methods such as mirroring – you can be sure that the interlocutors read the same books as you.

The choice of clothing also matters greatly. Give your preference to the three-piece suits and do not support the «jeans day». Make discipline your greatest ally – sit through all meetings and without any gadgets. Besides, the planning of my time is divided into numerous 30-minute slots over the span of one day quite often.

Do not be afraid to take on the hopeless, impossible and overdue tasks and projects. There is no competition in such cases – and no one will dare to dispute your merit.

After giving a public speech or a presentation, follow the average length of it by watching the videos of your performances and lectures on the Internet. This will help you understand why people might have lost all interest after just four minutes of continuous viewing.

It is easier to make a career if you go to work by car with a driver or walk on foot so as not to waste any time on the road. At every opportunity, eat or take a nap. It is also worth noting that I usually try not to eat alone during the working hours.

Personally, I am a supporter of a horizontal career progress and I have changed several countries while working in 13 different divisions of the Bank. And yet, my own personal issues have priority over any sort of work which is why I solve them immediately. While you are thinking about your family, it is hard to take care of the customers sincerely.

Personal Development

Personal Growth

How do you self-develop? Where do you take all new information? Where is the inspiration coming from?

As a rule, I try to learn a hundred useful phrases in different languages. Learning a few foreign words per day has become a habit of mine. Moreover, one must keep track of the knowledge of etiquette and national traditions. When it comes to inspiration, I draw ideas in the related fields. I am always aware of my surroundings: make an effort to hear every word, catch all thoughts, notice the specific type of behavior, observe random people do a certain action in a certain way. Furthermore, I draw inspiration from the anticipation of my future victories.

Personal Philosophy

Tell us about your life principles. What do you believe in? What laws of life do you follow?

When you want to do important things, you have to believe that you need to change the world, starting from your own self. Thus, one has to always be open to new data and opinions from other people and their experiences.

What are Your Daring Goals for the Rest of Your Life?

Truth be told, I want to visit all countries. I have had many trips already, but unfortunately, my destinations have been repeating over and over again over the past ten years. I still want to visit the mountains and attempt to communicate with people who have more than 10 billion dollars. One of the most incredible goals is to get the Nobel Prize. After that, I want to establish my own university.

So, there are 9 lifehacks to follow in your daily life:

  1. Execute 100 push-ups on the fists in the span of 60 seconds daily;
  2. Learn to read quickly in the Ice Book Reader, view the abstracts of all books on GetAbstract;
  3. Learn to type without looking at the keyboard;
  4. Respond to all emails immediately and set up some rules for sorting your incoming mail;
  5. Do not watch any TV and do not waste your time listening to the radio and music;
  6. Every night, read a book and learn a few foreign words;
  7. Respond to the requests for conducting some sort of training or public speaking;
  8. Do not take any loans and do not lend any money; pay for each service;
  9. Strive to be the best not only at work, industry or in the country, but in the whole world.

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