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Essay-Guideline: How to Survive in Dorm

Well, you have already packed your suitcases, in full readiness for a new, student life. This is the moment when you have to start an adult and boring life. However, it may become a little bit interesting if you decide to change cozy rented flats for the loud, but vivid atmosphere of dormitories. This may sound a bit strange and even crazy because no one is ready to face the difficulties of communal living during the students’ years, however, this brings you an immense experience of solving various problems, starting with problems with electricity to enormous bunches of home assignment, you should divide between your mates. At home you had your own room, and now you have to share one tiny apartment with new people, who are total strangers to you. You have watched dozens of student comedies and TV series, have listened to the stories of older friends and now you are worried: how to survive in the “community” called dormitory? It is not an easy task if you are just a freshman because dormitory gives you thousands of challenges. How to make new friends? How to join a funny student family? How to set up your own rules? These and other question will be answered in this very essay, so here we go!

Be In Full Equipment!

It is clearly understood that the dorm is the light version of the living apartment, and no one is going to equip it according to the latest design trends. There will be everything necessary like toilet, shower and kitchen, however, the rest you have to buy on your own. Let us figure out in this essay, what things a freshman should take away right from the mom’s house.

Kitchen Utensils

Happy student is a fed to the teeth student, so let’s talk about food, or rather cooking. A hope for a brand new stove and clean kitchen usually dies immediately, and the dreams about ideal surrounding last just for the few moments. But students’ experience shows: the microwave oven and the steam cooker are capable of doing miracles, or at least protecting you from the permanent consumption of the fast food. I will not even write about the importance of the refrigerator. The electric kettle is an important thing; it will work 24/7, so it is better to take a good one. And you will need at least one casserole and frying pan, several plates of different sizes and depths, cups (one of them should be only yours), forks, knives, spoons (they often disappear from the room in a strange way) and the board for slicing. Accidentally do not forget about the colander, the canker knife, a little stuff for mashed potatoes, a corkscrew (you will understand everything yourself).

Bathroom Equipment

Hope you’re lucky with plumbing in the room. However, do not forget to bring towels, better several of them and of different sizes. At the same time, remember about the hooks. In addition, I recommend to take flip-flops for the shower. And also prepare a pair of home soft slippers. By the way, when I was writing this essay I realized that I barely forgot to buy the new flops for the shower! It is the right time to do it now.

Life Hacks for Your Room

It is very likely that you will not be offered bed linen, and even if offered – it is better to take your own. The same applies to pillows. There will be little sleep, so take care of its comfort. If you are sensitive during sleep, bring a bandage for eyes and earplugs. It is important to have a new table lamp to be able to write essays in the middle of the night, free Internet and portable plug. Girls are better to take a hair dryer and other hair stylist’s devices from home. Immediately buy everything you need to clean up the room, trash can and packs, many hooks and shoulders, light bulbs etc. Typically, there are no laundry rooms in the dormitories, so be prepared mentally and physically for manual washing, and do not forget to get a bowl.

New True Friendship

Friendship Goals

This rule applies to your new neighbors in the room. Of course, now you have to take into account their interests. For example, hanging on the poster of Brad Pitt on the whole wall, as you did it at home, will possibly be inappropriate –now it’s not just your own room. But your neighbors should not switch their favorite music at full volume when you are writing an exam essay or just want to relax. Respect the interests of your neighbors, but do not let them feel too loose in behavior. Discuss such things as cooking, tiding up the room, outdoors activities, studying times and you will avoid conflicts in such a way. Decide what you are going to do together and what will be the personal duty. By the way, a common meal is a good reason to make friends: you will laugh at first burnt cutlets, but you can eat having funny conversations.

What’s Yours – Is Mine Too!

Discuss immediately which goods or products will be much cheaper and profitable for you to buy for the common bill. This could be, for example, toilet paper, dishwashing detergent, garbage bags. Of course, some products, as meat or vegetables, fruits and dairy products will be too expensive just for one person, taking into account the fact, that the whole room will eat, what you have cocked “just for yourself”. The same is with the homework – suddenly one of your essays can become a property of your roommate.However, if this does not work for you – just tell to avoid misunderstandings. You can refer to your personal intolerance to other cosmetics, an allergy or simply say – what’s mine – is mine!

Forget About Invitations

This is probably the main rule of the dormitory life – always ask your neighbors, whether it is possible for you to invite your friends to your place. When inviting guests, you must agree with your roommate’s specific time and conditions, because it will also be unpleasant, if you have a day of carrot or clay masks for your face, and one of your roommates appears in the common apartment with the boys or girls or both, telling that they came just to write an essay on Sociology. As a rule, those who live in one room very soon will get common friends, so that it will be possible to arrange the common meetings.

Warden Is a Student’s Best Friend

And also a janitor, a guard and other hostel staff. Remember that the warden usually has “his people” among the students, so be careful in speaking about the authorities. Be kind, do not be lazy to wish a good morning to the bodyguard or to smile to the janitor even if you already have done this today – believe me, this may be very useful to you. Even to the most diligent students happen to be late after the curfew.

Do Not Be A Swine!

If before entering such an intriguing life in the dorm, you were a “princess”, who did not even have to wash the plate, then here you should learn to do everything on your own. Be neat! Your dirty linen should not be placed on the only chairs available in the room, or the morning porridge, you haven’t managed to eat should not smell till the evening. No one likes Shreks and, moreover, you risk to become the dorm superstar with the non-pretentious nickname“Ogre”.

Keep Calm!

Keep Calm

Next door girls have taken your iron without the permission? The boys stole your fried potatoes with the frying pan from the kitchen? Or they always ask you to help with the essay writing? Try to accept everything positively: they took an iron – there will be an occasion to get acquainted and the right to borrow something in return. They have stolen the potatoes, however, you have your pan back!

Change Duties

Typically, the number of guests exceeds the expected one, especially, at the end of the evening and you can judge on the success of the meeting looking at the amount of dirty dishes on the kitchen table. You are already a wonderful host if you have fed and prepared tea for friends, so let your roommates do the cleaning. It is abnormal if each one of you will have the same routine duties. It will be too much for one person to tidy up the whole room in next 4 years, and for another just to go to the grocery store to buy some products.

Treasury of Unspoken Things

Do not start crying, if you realize that you need a fern in the middle of the night somewhere in December because someone in the hostel definitely has it. And if there is a need to find something more trivial, then there will be no problems at all. Ask your friends, but better – write the message on some kind of student resource such as “Gossip”. There you can find the whole essays on what is in the urgent need these or those rooms. That is the right way to get what you want!

Knock Knock! – Who’s There?

Person Knocking At Door

There are always a lot of secrets behind a closed door. In the literal meaning of the phrase, so it’s better not to forget about the personal space of your friends. Remember, that everyone has a private life, and the fact that 4 people live in one room, does not let you interfere in this private sector!

Tidying Up Due to the Schedule!

Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to follow this rule, but it is really useful to take it into account. Firstly, the room will always be clean. Secondly, the tiding up will take less time, if you are going to do it at the right time and with the right orders for every member. Thirdly, you will be able to avoid those damned rubbing off the dust, entrusting it to a neighbor, because he is not willing to wash the floor. This is how the collective work functions and everyone remains happy.

You Place Is Everybody’s Place!

I felt the whole reality of this rule when all showers on the floor broke down, except the one, functioning in my room. And, of course, all the odorous and happy inhabitants of my floor simply established the queue near our doors. They used the shower for 3 days! 36 people at once. They were writing essays and standing in the queue, not to miss the opportunity to go to the shower. Be ready for that!

Become the Library Worm!

Soon you will realize that it is impossible to study in the stuffy room when three other roommates are lively chattering about the new TV series or the last party. That is why, if your dormitory does not have the studying rooms, you should better go the library.  An alternative option can be coffee shops if you will find enough money. Myths about the noisiness of life in hostels, usually, are not myths.


Although, this is not the rule, but a piece of advice, so do not neglect it. I have met most of my friends on the loud parties in one of neighboring rooms on my floor. The same can happen with your beloved ones. The idea of meeting new people is thrilling; however, it makes you the better person with every new acquaintance you make. And it’s not about alcohol and the wild parties, but about the unforgettably warm atmosphere of the evenings with the monopoly and twister, the taste of cocoa with chocolate, which you are preparing for the large company, and the sincerity of conversations in the corridor, while someone is smoking.


In fact, the dormitory is a great school of life; here you need to solve different situations and find a common language with different people. You will learn to cook “from the scratch” and live on the pin money for a whole month. Follow these simple rules and in a few years you will become the Wiseman, who will guide the new freshmen on their hard route!

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