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I Have Missed My Homework or How to Find Your Calling

Speaking about the current situation on the planet, I can say, that we are living in the world, where intellect and brain is as precious as all gold of the Eldorado. The cult of knowledge became that pushing power, that forced young people to enter schools, colleges and universities. People tend to think that it is prestigious to be smart because later it was an advantage, however, now we consider this phenomenon as an obligatory feature. We enter the school, spend 11 years there, then enter college or university and give four, five or even six years more within those four walls, hoping to become a genius. However, some analysts still have a lot of disputes, whether there is a need to waste time at the higher educational establishment if you feel smart enough. Our parents are sure, that you will not survive in this severe world without a diploma, but what you personally think about this? Is there an alternative for constant cramming, writing the boring homework and total stress for the next four years? Here we have collected the list of ideas and professions, you can obtain without that Ivy League diploma and $95, 000 spent on that valuable piece of paper.

Decide Soberly

The key point is that you have clearly realize all benefits and disadvantages of entering the university. You may read, that it is never too late to study, but homework is not too popular among the adults. For young and passionate people, it is the matter of life and fortune – which route to take. However, before making some decisions ask yourself some of the questions we provide below. If you hesitate even for the second, you should better say “Yes” and do not regret later.

Are There Some Benefits?

Every day we are making an incredible effort to improve something in our behavior and mode of life. It is impossible to stop this process since it goes involuntarily. University is a good opportunity to accelerate the process of acquiring new skills. Tutors and professors will share their experience with you. It is a good school of life. On the contrary, if you feel more than the genius at the moment –  any establishment will not probably make you better.

Financial Satisfaction?

Financial Pyramid

If you believe in magic of diploma in making you a millionaire, then think of it again. Your salary does not depend on the document you got after graduation. It depends on your skills, knowledge and ability to work. If you know, that you are pretty skillful employee in a specific sphere, and moreover, you have strong desire to work, then there is no need to go further and do volumes of useless homework activities.

Are You Satisfied?

The next question is, whether the further studying will help you to change something. For example, if you are currently working as the editor of the magazine, but know that you were born for something better – enter the university and be ready to transform through the bunches of homework, done according to the deadlines. However, if you think, that changing the company or just talking to your boss about the promotion will be the better, then keep calm and stay exactly where you are.

Will I Develop Myself?

It is impossible to know everything staying at the same place for years and be up-to-date. You will not be always young and beautiful, and as the technologies develop with the enormous speed, you have to follow every its step. The more you learn, the better you will fit in any company. University is a place, where the smartest and the most innovative people are gathered to investigate and explore.

Homework Is Gone!

Lately I was giving the public speech on the tragedy of all graduates – inability to find relevant job, which will function in accordance to the diploma, you have got at the university. The may problem is, that you are 22 years old, have no experience or money to start living on your own, and all influential organizations do not want to teach you and make an efficient clerk. They want an already-made specialist, who will work devotedly, like the robot 24/7. Our parents are apt to think, that university is the best place to become responsible. I myself believe in that too, because nowadays it is only the matter of luck to become successful without having the proper education, but you may have no degree in any sphere and be on the top of the world.

Exploring the World

Travelling Map

You can start your life with the adventurous trip. It is a good way to get out of the comfort zone and broaden your horizons. You can escape the reality and find an inspiration somewhere in the middle of India. Try to find the world that differs from yours and see how hard it is to live for $20 per month. You will start cherishing the joy of simple things – sky over your head, earth under your feet, bottle of clear water at home and a piece of bread for the whole family. Homework will not help you to realize the subtleties of the life. You have to practice it!

Art For All

If you are not willing to be limited in the power of voice or ability to choose, then you can learn a lot of things, sitting at home, library or museum. There are many unknown secrets you have to discover and millions of mysteries you have to solve, hidden on the pages of the books or between the colors of the paintings. Buy books and magazines, special literature and start self-education, without boring homework and deadlines.

New Business Idea

Being a young businessman has a lot of benefits because young entrepreneurs have various innovative and creative ideas for start-ups. They also feel where to invest money, knowing the trendy niches of the modern market and, moreover, it is much interesting to negotiate with the “fresh blood,” as they can co-operate with people of all ages. Youngsters can find possible and less expensive way out of challenging situations. They cherish the time and deadlines, and will never let you down.

Help The World

If you are looking for the profitable occupation, then you will probably fail to succeed in any sphere, because you are going to work automatically from salary to salary, while the passionate devotion to the work you perform should be the bullet point of your search. Stop caring about yourself and try to change the world. Sharing your money with those who are in need is the greatest gift one can give. Do what is valuable for the planet, forget about personal interests. You will not get an experience writing the homework about the Black Death in France of the XIII century at the university desk, but you will learn how to fight it, facing the problem in the poor regions of India.

Sport Is Life!

If you were too busy to do sports at school or college, it is high time to master it now. Tennis, football, hockey or even darts – there are hundreds of sports from different parts of the world. You will not probably become the Olympic champion but will improve yourself, will become more confident, self–assured and handsome. Sport is the best way to master your body and mind. For example, yoga will train your muscles, as well as a power of concentration and inner power.

Use the Pencil!

If I was seventeen again, I would probably write a book about the life. Life of the young person who is not yet stressed with the adult life. If it was the homework, given by the teacher at the college, I would probably do it somehow, just to get a grade, but if you start doing this as your bread and butter issue – you will become satisfied with your life! It is always interesting to read about the challenges and difficulties of teenagers because everyone is tired of those adult romantic novels. If you have no talent to the literature – start writing your blog.

What Else Can We Do?

You may ask this question again and again. You may find our statements not convincing enough. That is your choice, and we cannot force you to move in any direction, however, you should always listen to your heart and calling. Parents always told us that it is important to study, to find the prestigious job, but after graduating the university students cannot find that dreamed job that will match the degree they have and, at the same time, bring millions. It is the moment when lawyers become cashiers or doctors are cleaning the streets. There are different reasons why we observe such a phenomenon in modern education, however, there are millions of professions you can obtain having no special degree and without dozens of boring homework. Just check some of them below.


Barbershop Haircuts

How often do you visit the beauty salon, especially to get the new haircut? I do this once in three months, and speaking about boys, they probably change their haircut every two weeks. If you are tired of wasting money on this activity, then you can change the situation by having good tools, special literature or video tutorials and some volunteer to try your hand in. Courses will be enough to become a professional. Knowledge of fashion trends, a good eye, a steady hand, creative thinking and good taste will be your main assistants in this field.

Automobile Service

The world has done such a distinction, making this niche and all the professions involved in it dirty and bad, because only those, who did not graduate the university can work there. Yes, you do not need to have the Harvard diploma and experience of writing homework in ten minutes to become an auto mechanic. However, the desire to work is not enough. Beside this, you need to be as sound as bell and possess many great personal qualities: patience, stamina, communication skills. A professional mechanic gets incredibly great sums of money and the qualified specialist can make the good prestige to the organization. In addition, it is a good start for your own business.


Every person meets such moment in his life, when he cannot eat anymore. This is the right time to start learning to produce food, instead of consuming it. Of course, there are some colleges or universities, that can give you a great knowledge about food, but if you have a talent for the culinary, you can become a worldwide known chef. Everyone can learn how to cook using only internet or books, but if you want to become a professional and earn money, you have to take some courses to improve skills.


Many people think that they are already professional photographers, having an old Cannon camera with zoom lenses. However, you cannot become the professional only clicking on the camera button. There are a lot of secrets you can learn by buying some books, watching videos or attending courses. The knowledge of light and shades, posing, emotional fulfillment and photo-shopping becomes vital for you and will make your life easier.


However, that is not everything we wanted to say. Do not limit yourself while choosing the career, as well as do not let everything to the flow of time. Desire for self-development, perseverance and a clearly set goal, will help you to achieve any steps of the career ladder. Do not be afraid and start changing your life right now! There are many things we can do if you feel that university desk, homework and writing lectures will harm you. The life is full of interesting things and we should try them till we are young. The life was given to everyone for some reason, the task is to find out “why?”, and probably university is not the place that will help you to do this!


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