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We Write – You Do: The Way to The Stars

A few months ago, I decided to check what Google considered as “steps to success.” There were hundreds of tips in search, but none of the websites could explain what exactly to do. “THERE DOES NOT EXIST A SINGLE FORM OF SUCCESS,” – you will say. But we will convince you in the opposite thing. If you take into account at least 10% of our information, you already have a chance. If you write down at least half of the information, then you are on the right way. For some of us, success is some kind of an achievement. For other it is not an achievement, but recognition and applause. For the third this is not the ultimate goal, but the movement towards it, when the path itself brings pleasure and gives a sense of success: such people value the process more than a reward. The student time is significantly different from the educational process at school. At the latter, we are forced to study, and every step is controlled by our teachers, we have to pay attention to the attendance and delays. Becoming a student is not only a way towards receiving education and cherished diploma. This is a time when all necessary links with people are bound up, our authority in the eyes of the teachers and group mates is formed. This is the time, when we are making the first steps on our career ladder, when we are trying to achieve success.  Let us write here the basic requirements for those, who want to be on the top of the world.

Think and Listen

Think when you last stopped and thought: “What am I doing for my success?” Be honest with yourself! This is the first step of your way. You can start doing the same thing hundred times and fail, blaming someone else. That is not the way out because you have to be able to study your defeats. You have to make notes about the conditions when you failed, and when you won. You need to think about everything and listen to the sound voice of your mind.

Stop Worrying About Risks

If you know that you have given too much time and energy preparing for the test and failed anyway while writing it, do not be upset! Just stop crying over the spilled milk and ask yourself “What else should I do?” I must continue going forward! Failures are inevitable. Just take this for granted, ladies and gentlemen! Knowing this, you should not worry too much. It is worth believing in what you’re doing. Do not give up under any conditions!

Write Down Everything to The Journal

Filling in the Journal

Believe me, when you get up in the morning and already know what you have to do today, it’s easier to live. So, write down your dreams and plans for the year. On a weekly basis decide, what you have to do in the next seven days and add some new points to the next day plan every night. This will help you become more punctual. Punctuality is a trait of the character of successful people.

Work In Team

If you need to carry out a large-scale project – get ready for the teamwork. Information is better remembered in a company, with jokes and various associations. You may be the best specialist in all possible fields of science, but you will always need someone to write down the results of the research, to conduct the experiments, organize the survey and realize your project in the successful affair. That is why it is better to go along with someone, and share the results, then work alone and cry over the missed deadlines.

Never Neglect the Sound Sleep

I know what you are going to say about our next piece of advice. Sleep is just a sleep. By the way, Leonardo da Vinci was sleeping 2 hours a day and was a genius. However, you are not da Vinci or Julius Caesar. You are an ordinary student, who perceives enormously large amount of information that needs to be learned every day. It is during sleep, that information from the short-term memory stores in the long-term one. Teachers may hate me now, but even if you have a blitz survey on macroeconomics tomorrow or need to write a research proposal for your MD – go to bed at 23:00. The brain will work better if you have rest.

Read Books

Reading in Library

In a train, subway, car, on the bus station, at the café or even at the WC. Do it anywhere, when you have a free minute. Download them from the Internet, buy eBooks and order from a book club. When you speak, you hear what you already know, when reading, you will learn something new. I do not know any person who would have succeeded due to bare conversations, but I know those who become influential, because of literature they have processed. So, it does not matter whether this book is written about the theory of strings or the life of ants – you will certainly ever use this information.

Do You Envy? Who Is Your Object?

Envy is an unpleasant emotion, but it’s instructive. If you are jealous of someone, then this person has something you want to possess. Do you envy the most intelligent person on the course or those who spend the night entertaining? Envy helps us to understand what we want to change; in which direction we should move.

Habit-Forming Skill

We all know that the habit is formed after 21 days of constant repetition of the same action. Try studying diligently 21 days in a row. On the 22nd day of training, it should become a normal routine that will not require much effort. I did not check it, but it should work. In fact, everything that you would like to turn into a habit, try to perform during this period and you will definitely get the desired result.

Do A Lot of Planning

Write lists on everything that is at your hand. List of passwords, so you do not need to create a new page every time you forget something. List of movies you’ve already watched to know what you can recommend to your friends or those you plan to watch. Record the titles of books that you would like to read. Note your achievements. Make a list of your merits and projects performed (it will be useful when you need to make a resume). List some creative projects. Write down things that make you happy. This list will definitely make you smile in the hard times.

Social Networks for Purpose

Social Networks’ Logos

People tend to think, that social networks are just the waste of your time. That is somehow true. How many hours do you spend on the Internet every day? How many times are you distracted by the sudden message from the FACEBOOK when you are doing the home assignment? I can answer: four times per thirty minutes. It takes at least two minutes. So, to sum it up – you waste eight minutes every half an hour just to scroll the Instagram line! Imagine how your productivity decreases in four hours – for ordinary sixty-four minutes! LIMIT THE TIME FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS, and your work will become more effective.

20 Rule

If you spend 20 minutes a day cleaning, you do not have to worry about the mess. If you allocate 20 minutes for self-development, you will not have to worry about the creative crisis. If you spend 20 minutes alone, you will be full of new ideas. If you dedicate at least 20 minutes to achieve the dream, it will surely come true! If you have 20 minutes to rest, you should not worry about the fatigue anymore. If you read a book at least 20 minutes a day, you will broaden your horizons. If you write an essay in 20 minutes, then you have the chance to become a great author. Choose for yourself what you can devote these 20 minutes for.

Be Versatile

Try something new every day. Diversity adds health and colors to your life. You can see or do something a million times, but the first time can be only once. It can be anything: starting with the new hobby or conversation with a stranger. These new experiences sooner or later will open for you the door to the brave new world of opportunities that can change your life.

Set Up Your Goal

Find one of your most important goals and work on it for at least an hour per day.  If you find it difficult write all of the possible variants and see what is more valuable for the success now. Break your big, grand idea into small pieces and concentrate on fulfilling them one by one. So, doing step by step, you are most likely rich the aim. Take your dream and turn it into reality.

Listen to The Podcasts

This piece of advice is given by all successful people, like Mark Zuckerberg or Guy Kawasaki. These and other specialists state, that podcasts allow you to study without spending extra time. Therefore, when you run in the morning or get stuck in a jam, you can explore a wide range of new topics just by switching on your radio and changing the station.

Read Biographies

I am convinced that you have idols or just people you admire. Try to meet them, or at least investigate and learn some facts about their way of life. Try to find their failures and how they managed to overcome these obstacles. Moreover, read their histories of success, but never try to follow and copy them! Write these stories in the form of short notes and reread to get motivated. Learn from the inspirational life. Find out your personal path to success!

Be Actively Searching

Of course, it is good to study the material carefully and follow the program strictly. But are you sure that this is enough to be truly successful? Always try to be in search. You must be aware of all news, open lectures and conferences. It will expand your horizons. You will learn a lot of new and truly interesting information, as well as get many opportunities. Self-education during the university life is even more important than writing down all lectures from the course.

Abroad Opportunities!

Stop wasting your time on nonsense. Find an exchange program, like Work and Travel, DAAD, Erasmus or go for volunteering on AIESEC. Try something new, get out of the comfort zone, travel and explore the world. That will give you the ability to exchange cultural values, to communicate with new people that can inspire you to create. The language practice or just an academic year of the exchange program is a good start for influential and profitable career!

Higher Education

This may sound totally weird because we are talking about the success as being the student, but it is of the utmost importance to get the diploma and become the specialist in some field. According to our survey, the most important step is the time when you enter any university. This is such kind of the establishment that forces you to think critically, to form sound judgments and to solve impossible situations. University makes you stronger in all possible ways – mental, physical and moral. You can write thousands of resumes enumerating your skills, but no one will consider it if there is no note about the higher education!


While 60% of the students are convinced that success is a successful career, only 4% of young people believe that a diploma is a guarantee of success. Success does not come itself, you need to choose the right approach. According to our research, the student’s development is best realized through the constant work and ability to follow the dreams. Never stop and listen no one! You are the best and will be in any way!

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