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Learning to Make Money on College Parties

Theme College Parties

Homework isn’t the only thing which we should remember from students’ life. There are also parties, theme events and different contests. It goes without saying that sometimes you need to spend money to prepare for the party because everyone wants to be original and stylish (especially if it’s theme event). As spending money isn’t the most pleasant memory to remember, some creative students have found the way to make money on participating in college parties.

Each party should always be funny; it’s the base for every entertainment event. It meant that there have to be some people who arrange a party: create an idea, find a place, decorate the room, invite star guests, watch the way party’s going etc. Sure, most of the colleges have a special department concentrated on such tasks, but they, firstly, not always are original, secondly, want to have fun as well. Here comes the necessity in organizers – people who make money on parties. Want to know more about this? We gathered the best ideas for becoming a party businessman or businesswoman, so let’s read!

            The Main Ideas for Making Money on College Parties

As we have mentioned, you can make money on organizing parties. If you’re an original person and you can create fresh ideas for new parties, write a plan for it, that’s the best way for you. There are also some other ways, like performing at the party (if you are a singer or a dancer, for example), preparing hand-made decorations, providing a venue for partying and others. Now we would like to concentrate of some of them.

            Fresh Ideas and Plans for College Party

There is a lot of information on the Internet about ideas for parties, but there is a big disadvantage in them – mostly they are outdated or used many times. Each party requires fresh approaches and there must be someone who can provide it.

Sure, you can’t just come to the organizers and say that you’ll give them an idea in exchange for money. It requires preparation and arranging some kind of business. It can be personal website or account in social network – so there is a proof that you are paid for your ideas. If you fellow students know that you have a talent, they will come to you. The money for your services can be gathered in 2 ways: it can be given by college administration (if the party has a good influence on the college image) and it can be drawn from the participants in a party. If to speak about plan for the party, you should pay attention to it, because you will be paid only for a well-thought-out idea. As a ruse, the party schedule is printed and given to participants, so create a stylish plan according to your idea.

Party Planning Checklist

            Hand-Made Decorations for College Party

Each party requires decorations because it creates a specific atmosphere in the venue. If you can make stylish trifles by your own, you may start a business project! This way of making money also requires some kind of website or account, because it will help you not only to make money on a particular party, but also to find new clients.
Making decorations also requires cooperation with organizers, as you need to agree on the theme of the party. Your main task is to create the most suitable decorations for the style of the party. For this, you should be creative and always have fresh ideas. Sometimes it happens that the organizers want to have particular decorations, so your task is to follow their desires and do your best!

            Providing the Venue

Sure, not everyone can provide a big place for arranging a college party, but it you can do it – you’re lucky! Most of the parties take place in the college, but there are some cases when you need another venue. Here you may offer your help! It can be your house (if it’s big and your parents allow you to use the house for this purpose); it can be the place you work at (if your chiefs agree); in general, it can be everywhere, if you agree on it with the owner or other residents. Don’t forget, that you should create an official agreement for this issue, as parties may end badly. It makes the necessity to find someone who will compensate the losses.

            Perform at the Party

It’s probably the most interesting way of making money on college parties. If you are a talented singer or dancer, if you can entertain the audience, this is a great idea for you! Organizers look for the starts for each party, so you can offer your services and become a celebrity of your college. Contact the organizers of parties in your college and ask them about the possibility of your performances. They pay a lot of money for stars, so they will be happy to replace them by you because it simplifies their tasks. Besides, it will be a very fruitful experience for your future.

Of course, those are not the only way to earn money on college parties, but you can start here. It’s always hard to make the first steps – with our pieces of advice it will be easier for you!

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