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Traveling for Students: How to Make a Trip Cheaper?

Traveling for Students

Traveling has always been a pleasant pastime. When we travel, we can visit new cities and countries, meet new people and learn a lot of interesting information about different cultures. In ancient times it was the only way to get new knowledge about the world, so people turned traveling into a kind of cult – only rich people could afford comfort journeys. If a poor person wanted to visit new places, they had to leave their home and literally walk.

Nowadays we have much more possibilities to travel. This activity has become affordable almost for everyone because we there are more than enough conditions for budget journeys and there are a lot of ways to spend less. If you are a student, you’re in the best situation – each country provides special services for this group of people. Cheap traveling for students is the best way of spending your younger days! Here we gathered the best tips which can be useful for you. Let’s read!


            Turn Traveling into Your Lifestyle

There was a demarcation between travelers and “home people” in the previous centuries. The latest group consisted of people who traveled from 1 to 3 times per year using the carriage. Everyone who left home in order to see new places was considering a “lost” person (in the meaning of someone who doesn’t have a future). Now we can see the tendency to the opposite view on this issue: it becomes more and more popular to move from place to place looking for the best conditions to live. Those people prefer to be in permanent moving, which is exactly the cause of their happy “lost” life.

It’s the first item we would like to suggest you travel for cheap – turn traveling into your lifestyle. If a person has only one intention to see a place and come back home, he or she behaves like a traveler. That is the main mistake of those who want to spend less money. Citizens always want to make the best impression on tourists, so they create a lot of expansive entertainments. In most cases they have the same distractions which are not so luxury – those are for native residents. So if you behave like a traveler, be ready to pay high prices for all types of entertainments. But if traveling is your lifestyle, you feel comfortable in a new country and you can get used to a new spot within a short period of time, it will be easier for you to spend less.

            Be a Student

It may sound strange, but there are a lot of benefits for students. They can visit museums and exhibitions for free or at a reduced price, they can pretend like they are the exchange students (which also gives extra advantages), they can buy food and drinks at a reduced price and there are special hostels for students with low prices. As you see, you can take advantage of being a student.

We have included this aspect to our list of suggestions because there are students who don’t want to show what they are. They think that it may influence the attitude of native residents who will treat them worse than other tourists. There is no need to think this way – students are one of the most respectable groups of people. Besides, now you can analyze the benefits you lose when you hide this information.

            International Student Identity Card

Before packing your baggage and move, think about your identity card – ISIC (International Student Identity Card). This document is a discount card for students who travel to another country. It gives you a possibility to have discounts for museums, food, drinks, hostels, entertainments and sometimes even insurance. This card is issued in 135 countries, so you have a lot of places to visit with ISIC. Of course, there is a commission for this card and you should pay it each year. But the owners of this card say that the amount of commission is very small in comparison with the money you can save with it. You may think that the student card of your country is enough for you, but don’t be so sure – countries where the ISIC is issued, don’t accept other cards.

Student Card

            Buy Food and Drinks in Local Places

As a rule, the restaurants and cafes designed for tourists offer the highest prices and no discounts. Try to find places for locals – they are smaller, not so luxury, but the food and drinks are the same. You may even check it: go to the small restaurant for locals and choose the most expensive dish. Then visit a luxury restaurant and do the same – you will see the great difference in prices!

Besides, establishments designed for tourists don’t have any discounts – travelers want to have fun and they don’t think about it. But you’d better think about this aspect: most of the small local establishments have special offers during a day (breakfast and lunch, for example).

            Save Money on Transportation

It goes without saying that traveling by plane is comfortable but also expensive. So if you want to have cheap trips, you should choose other kinds of transportation. To begin with, think about trains. It’s also comfortable and it gives you an opportunity to admire the landscapes. Of course, trains are not as fast as planes, but if you choose a high-speed train, it won’t take too much time. Some people also dislike the compartment neighbors, but if you are a sociable person, it won’t be a problem (besides, you can always put on your earphones and avoid unpleasant conversations). Now hitchhiking becomes more and more popular, but it’s suitable only for people-persons and courageous ones.

When it comes to the transportation in particular city, don’t use public transport if it’s expensive. In most countries, it’s really comfortable, but pay attention to the price. Sure, it’s cheaper than a taxi, but there are also other ways of moving around a city. The best is, of course, to walk, because you can look at the city and get used to its culture. But if there is a necessity to walk a lot, you can always rent a bicycle. It’s cheap, comfortable and good for your health!

            Choose Hostels with Services for Students

Such hostels aren’t widespread yet, but a lot of businessmen and businesswomen pay attention to this trend. It gives us the right to hope that in some years each country will have hostels with discounts for students. But still, some hotels and inns have special offers for you. For example, you may have a discount in exchange of making a promotion for the hotel in your university among your fellow students (it’s attraction of the clients).

You just should study the information and feedback about the hostel before booking a room. Look through the list of hotels in the region and choose the most suitable one.

            Find a Company

We don’t mean to become a part of an organized tourist trip because it’s even more expensive than to travel alone. But you can always find a person who has the same goal as you do – to travel cheaply. There are many platforms on the Internet now, so you can easy find a fellow traveler! When you’re not alone, it’s easy to find transport, because it’s cheaper even to use a taxi. It will also be cheaper to buy food. And the most important: it gives you more fun and pleasant moments!
But you’d better travel without guides and excursions – the information told during it can be easily found on the Internet, but it’s really expensive to have a guide.

            Visit Museums and Exhibitions for Free

To begin with, there are a lot of places in each city which can be seen for free. It may be a building, a famous street etc. Such places are the best for learning the culture of the country. Then you can find some museums and exhibitions which are free for students or choose the day when an establishment has a free entry.

But if you want to visit a museum where you can’t have a free entrance, there is a little secret of students – you may say that you make a project and this establishment is the main place to visit for it. But this will work only with museums of your school at college (for example, a linguist student is not likely to do research about the work of steam engine). The best way is to say that you are going to write a project and now you’re gathering information – so you won’t be caught on a lie because maybe you’ll really make research!

Student’s time is one of the best periods of our life. With the help of our little suggestions you can spend those years with pleasure and gain the fruitful experience!

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