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Main Rules of Writing a Good Motivation Letter to Study Abroad

Almost every student is concerned with studying abroad. It’s caused, in some countries, by a low level of quality of education, but in most countries students just want to try something new. Studying abroad is one of the greatest opportunities to live in another country for a while, learn a new culture and get experience. That is why students are involved in different exchange programs.

Of course, to become a participant of an exchange program, everyone needs to be an excellent student and have good greats. Sometimes you need to do a little research or project to apply to the program, but in most cases, there is only an application form. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task – to complete a form and send it. There is always an obligatory aspect – the letter of motivation. This aspect is really important because it shows your aspiration and ambition; it reflects your readiness to move to another country. Creating a text about the reasons of your longing for a program is a difficult task, but this article may show you the main tips for making this task perfectly!

Studying Abroad

            The General Plot of a Letter

Before start, you should know the general plot and meaning of it. Let’s begin with meaning. At first sight, it seems like this letter is useless, because if you are applying you are motivated and you want it. So, letter is just repetition of already known information. But those types of texts (motivation, volition etc.) are the best ways to understand the personality of the author. You need to realize that a letter of motivation shows your priorities, look at life and your purposes, goals etc.

If to speak about the plot, it has to correspond to aspects mentioned in the previous paragraph. A letter should describe your minds about world, your thoughts about studying and your desires from this exchange. You need to create a text which can attract attention and convince the board that you really want to study abroad. It should be impressive but in positive meaning of this word.

            Describe your Personality

The first part of each motivation letter is a short description of your personality, sort of your biography. It’s necessary to mention the date of your birth, your school and your current educational establishment. That’s no need to tell about your parents and their story – it is the most common mistake of such texts. You don’t need to add the activities here, such as competitions, contests etc. – it will be discussed later. But you should also add the data about your residence – a town or a city, dorm or apartment etc.

After the main facts of your biography, don’t forget to mention your minds about life. It doesn’t mean that you should create a philosophical treatise – just short description. For example: “In my life I’ve always been proactive. I’m sure that it’s important to make an input into the progress of our world, which is why I am concerned with a lot of things. As I live in a big city, my biggest interest is in ecology and its influence on our lives. In general, I believe that the understanding of the holistic approach to any problem can help us to solve it, which is why I prefer to be an active participant of the development of our society”.

            Write about your Activities and Sledding

Motivation Letter

You are free to tell about activities. You can easily move from story about your personality to this part, for example: “As I am an active participant of students’ activities in my college, I can tell about our projects”. Then tell all the data about your activities!

Pay attention to the aspect that you should share everything which can help you to become a participant of the program: competitions, contests, involvement in the activities etc. You should describe in details the aspects which are connected with a program you apply and tell shortly about everything else. For example, if you apply for the biology program, you can tell with details projects in the field of ecology, fauna and flora, and mention the projects connected with handiwork. If you have certificates which prove your achievements, write about it and send copies with your script. Besides, it’s important to mention your volunteer activity, if you took part in it because this activity is the necessary part of any exchange program and the board really pays attention to this aspect.


So, when there are the main facts from your life, information about your attempts, you can move to your motives. In general, here will be the list of your reasons to become a participant of a project. It concerns studying abroad and many other programs (like volunteering, and even looking for a job) – the organizers of any project looks for the best entrants, so they should be sure that a person really wants to become a part of the project or organization.

However, it’s not enough to give a list of your reasons. Firstly, it has to be connected with your every-day activities; secondly, it needs to have rapport to your future occupation or career plans; thirdly, the topic of the program has to be interesting for you. It means that you need to clarify all the reasons you write, e. g., if you proceed the application to the ecology program, you should give proofs that you do something for ecology in your life (because there are a lot of cases when students write about their interest, but they aren’t actually participants of such projects). So you’d better write fewer reasons, but real for you.


The biggest problem is that you need to use many linguistic stamps. You have to follow the main rules of writing a letter, which is why you can’t avoid widespread phrases. But if you use too many stamps, your letter won’t impress the board.

There is only one way out of this situation – when you read the examples, try to catch the main idea of it, but not to copy the minds of the author. Use the stamps to begin a sentence, but the reasons and explanations should be written by you. Be free to use unusual words, but make certain that they will be understood right.

It’s important to pay attention to those aspects, but the letter of motivation is, first of all, a truthful story of your life and about your ambitions. So, you should make it a part of you – and when you finally meet the board, they may remember you letter!

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