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Are you tired of moving from one scholarship website to the other without getting one on one help with your application?

Are you tired of moving from one study abroad website looking for admission information?

Are the conditions for scholarships difficult to understand or is it difficult for you to meet the eligibility criteria or deadlines?

Do you want to work abroad but don’t know where to start?

Do you just want to get out of your home country?

To facilitate your admission,scholarship, visa and immigration process, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am an immigration consultant base in Belgium with 10 years of experience.I guide students,employees and families who would like to live, work or study abroad.I provide first hand visa,immigration,admission and scholarship information and guidance.

Other Services we offer

A tailor-made scholarship package : 20 or more scholarships that corresponds to your area and level of studies,including application and visa advice ($60-$100).

Research proposal formulation for masters and PhD candidates and a list of funding opportunities that corresponds to your area of research.($60-$300)

A package of tuition free universities related to your field and level of study, including admission and application followup ($150).

Admission guarantee universities with some of our partner universities ($500-$1000).





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