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Essay Structure

Academic Papers: The Secrets of Successful Writing

Any university or college is the first step on your way to your future career, no matter which one you have chosen. As for me, I wanted to become a teacher since the middle school, so I have entered the university for this purpose. However, I found it uninteresting to be a teacher at school. […]

Person Packing Stuff

Which Things to Pack for a Trip?

In our previous article, we explained the ways how to make your vacation more pleasant and comfortable. Now, it is time to tell you about the process of packing your baggage. Some friends of mine pack tons of clothes and other unnecessary items when going on a short trip. And this makes their traveling much […]

People in Airport

Secrets of Cheap Traveling for Students

The perfect dream of every young person is to travel all around the world for free or, at least, for low prices. However, we still spend holidays at home or in cities and towns nearby when we cannot find any budget variant but have no money for luxurious hotels. We know how sad it can […]

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Essay Structure

Academic Papers: The Secrets of Successful Writing

Any university or college is the first step on your way to your future career, no matter which one you have chosen. As for me, I wanted to become a teacher since the middle school, so I have entered the university for this purpose. However, I found it uninteresting to be a teacher at school. […]

Teacher at the Class

Write Down Your Mind on The Paper!

Some people tend to think, that university is just a careless existence. You do not have to pay attention to the adult problems because you are still young, and do not have to feel sorry for the undone homework because you are no longer at school! However, no one knows, that you are not even […]

Filling in the Journal

We Write – You Do: The Way to The Stars

A few months ago, I decided to check what Google considered as “steps to success.” There were hundreds of tips in search, but none of the websites could explain what exactly to do. “THERE DOES NOT EXIST A SINGLE FORM OF SUCCESS,” – you will say. But we will convince you in the opposite thing. […]

Financial Pyramid

I Have Missed My Homework or How to Find Your Calling

Speaking about the current situation on the planet, I can say, that we are living in the world, where intellect and brain is as precious as all gold of the Eldorado. The cult of knowledge became that pushing power, that forced young people to enter schools, colleges and universities. People tend to think that it […]

Friendship Goals

Essay-Guideline: How to Survive in Dorm

Well, you have already packed your suitcases, in full readiness for a new, student life. This is the moment when you have to start an adult and boring life. However, it may become a little bit interesting if you decide to change cozy rented flats for the loud, but vivid atmosphere of dormitories. This may […]

Teacher and Student

Optimal Forms of the Teacher–Student Interactions

At the present time, in the theory and practice of education, there is a search for the new forms and methods that would create conditions for the formation of a harmoniously developed personality to enhance the efficiency of teaching by some highly qualified specialists. One of the directions of this work is the quest for […]

Students in Dormitory

Formation of the Vital Competencies for the Students Living in a Dormitory

An important task of any education is the formation of such competencies as civil responsibility and legal consciousness, spirituality and culture, initiative and independence, tolerance, the ability to successfully socialize in society among the students. As a rule, competence means a range of issues in which a person has the necessary knowledge and experience. This […]

New Student

Problems of the Adaptation of All Freshmen and the Ways to Solve Them

A student who has recently left the school walls becomes a student. The adaptation of the student will depend on his or her further development, the personal and scientific achievements of both as a person and as a future specialist. The process of adaptation of the students in a group and in a new educational […]


Confession of the Efficiency Genius: Example for Students

Here you will learn how to be efficient on the clear example of a person, who is involved in various project and manages to be happy at the same time. You will learn how to organize your time to be successful at work and studies from the following interview. Health What are you doing? What […]

College Friends

Study with Fun: Finding Friends in The University

It does not matter where you came on the first day – in a small private college or a huge university, getting to know new people can be a real test for you. If you want to become friends with fellow students, you need to remember that they are all as nervous and frightened as […]

Sad Student

How to Cope with Homesickness While Studying Abroad: Tips and Hints

One of the main difficulties that a foreign student often has to overcome is homesickness. When moving to another country, you can experience a cultural shock, encounter many difficulties. «At home, everything is different. Here, my favorite cottage cheese is not sold, and there are no chocolate chip cookies at all, and my old friends […]

College Friends

Where to Find Friends in a New City When Studying Abroad?

In a place where you have lived for a long time, new acquaintances are almost inevitable. We cannot always remember how we met this or that person. It happens easily, and we do not even think how lucky we are. However, if you decided to study abroad all of a sudden, the question arises – […]

Writing a Paper

Creating My Essay: 15 Risks for Your Academic Success

Writing paper is one of the most annoying tasks for students because there are a lot of requirements and a little of time is given. However, if you have troubles with writing, we are here for you give a helping hand. In fact, the essay is an easy genre, but you need to avoid some […]

Students Travel

How to Travel Abroad with Your Friends: Useful Advice for the College Students

Summer is a traditional time of holidays and travel. You are in a winning situation because you are already abroad and all unexplored routes are in front of you. So, gather your new friends and go to explore a foreign country and find out new interesting places. However, traveling with friends is not that easy. […]

Sitting on a Bus

Improve Yourself: What to Study for 11 Minutes a Day

In the modern world, all young people face a dilemma: what if you want to learn something new every day, but you do not have enough time and energy? The solution is in express self-development in the transport or queue. In fact, you can make it in 11 minutes. Take Express Lessons It does not […]

Happy Student

Going to Study Abroad: The Main Steps of the Adaptation to the University

Lots of people have the conviction that moving to another country to study is a universal way to improve one’s life. It is known that one of the most difficult aspects is the adaptation of students in a foreign country. Why is it so difficult to get used to a foreign culture? What should be […]