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Traveling for Students

Traveling for Students: How to Make a Trip Cheaper?

Traveling has always been a pleasant pastime. When we travel, we can visit new cities and countries, meet new people and learn a lot of interesting information about different cultures. In ancient times it was the only way to get new knowledge about the world, so people turned traveling into a kind of cult – […]

Person Packing Stuff

Which Things to Pack for a Trip?

In our previous article, we explained the ways how to make your vacation more pleasant and comfortable. Now, it is time to tell you about the process of packing your baggage. Some friends of mine pack tons of clothes and other unnecessary items when going on a short trip. And this makes their traveling much […]

People in Airport

Secrets of Cheap Traveling for Students

The perfect dream of every young person is to travel all around the world for free or, at least, for low prices. However, we still spend holidays at home or in cities and towns nearby when we cannot find any budget variant but have no money for luxurious hotels. We know how sad it can […]

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Sitting on a Bus

Improve Yourself: What to Study for 11 Minutes a Day

In the modern world, all young people face a dilemma: what if you want to learn something new every day, but you do not have enough time and energy? The solution is in express self-development in the transport or queue. In fact, you can make it in 11 minutes. Take Express Lessons It does not […]

Happy Student

Going to Study Abroad: The Main Steps of the Adaptation to the University

Lots of people have the conviction that moving to another country to study is a universal way to improve one’s life. It is known that one of the most difficult aspects is the adaptation of students in a foreign country. Why is it so difficult to get used to a foreign culture? What should be […]

Student and Professor

Is It Possible for a Student and a Professor to Be Friends?

Students spend more than 5 years of their life in the university in continued contact with their teachers. Usually, the «teacher-student» relations do not go beyond the official framework. It is interesting to understand the reason why. We tried to figure out what the reality of the simple human relations between «them» and «us» is. […]

Study Abroad

Live and Study Abroad: Psychological Adaptation to a Foreign Country

While the borders between the states are getting increasingly more blurred and the planes do not manage to transport the flows of travelers, students and immigrants, people still face the same problems as many generations before them. Some complain about loneliness, others cannot overcome the language barrier, others feel unneeded in a foreign culture. When […]

Student in a Library

How to Keep Studying: Tips and Tricks

In the life of a person, everything depends only on how he or she can deal with the unpredictable situations, at least to a certain degree. However, whether the undergraduate becomes a bad, good or excellent student depends only on him or her. It is very important to tune in to studying and create a […]

Work Abroad

Work Abroad: Where to Earn Money If You Are a Student?

Planning your own budget is a clear sign of adult life, which appears in everyone who goes abroad to study in universities or colleges. Regardless of the chosen specialty, students try to earn extra money to pay for their household expenses, and, in some cases, for costs of studying. So, where to gain money if […]

Educational Ladder

Life and Studying: Some Vital Things You Were Not Taught in College

Everyone reacts to the education in a different way. However, absolutely everyone has wondered if the knowledge that is given to us in the school or college is necessary at all at least once in their life. Is it really that important to remember the all the emperors in the era of Ancient Rome and […]

Students Travel Abroad

Where to Find Cheap Accommodation Abroad

The main advantage of studying abroad is the opportunity to travel the world. Obtaining new knowledge is definitely the most important task, but it is silly to miss such a chance. You can gather your groupmates to plan your holiday in another state or country. However, the question of place to stay arises. Students are […]

Foreign University

Education Abroad: Is It Profitable?

Increasingly, young people choose studying in another country. They are frightened neither by the change of the habitual way of life, nor by the distance that they will be separated from close friends and family, nor by a change of the language environment. It is a serious step, so do not take it in a […]

Happy Student

Studying Abroad: How to Pay for Your Education?

Annually, all social networks are full of posts of those happy people who managed to win their right to get a higher education abroad. If you also think about such a future, you should ask yourself where to find enough money to pay for the studies. We are here to tell you about the methods […]

A Student Club

University Life: What About the Student Organizations in the US?

Being a student in the US means not only attending lectures and taking exams, but also being a full member of one of the fraternities. In the case of girls, such organizations are called sororities or sisterhoods. Joining such an association is not a simple task: to prove your devotion to the brotherhood, all students […]

Flying Abroad

Studying Abroad: A Few Reasons Why

Every year lots of students seek to obtain a diploma of higher education abroad. Studying abroad is a significant investment of time, money, and efforts. So, why do the students still ask themselves the question, concerning foreign education regardless of such costs? Why Do They Want to Study Abroad? So, you definitely have an idea […]

Best Friends

Become an Ideal Roommate: Tips and Tricks

When you decide to study abroad, you will most likely end up living on campus. It may happen that you will share a room with a neighbor. The situation gets even more complicated because of the fact that people have different tastes, views on life, habits and cultural characteristics. If you are going to share […]

Person Packing Bag

How Does Traveling Help You with Self-Development?

People often ask themselves what can make them better and smarter. The first activities, which come to mind, are reading books, studying at university, writing essays, and the like. However, most of them are parts of our everyday routine. The right answer for this question is traveling. It develops our personalities more than any of […]

Buying Souvenirs

Mistakes Which People Do While Traveling

Now, you are aware of the ways of how to travel cheap and enjoy your trips without luxurious hotels. However, there are still lots of typical mistakes which inexperienced travelers may make. Some of these mistakes may just ruin your entire vacation. So, it is better to know them to prevent and avoid many unpleasant […]

People in Airport

Secrets of Cheap Traveling for Students

The perfect dream of every young person is to travel all around the world for free or, at least, for low prices. However, we still spend holidays at home or in cities and towns nearby when we cannot find any budget variant but have no money for luxurious hotels. We know how sad it can […]